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Photographing Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca in Peru is famous for being the highest navigable lake in the world, located at the dizzying heights of over 3800 metres above sea level. The lake is one of Peru’s most popular destinations and is home to a variety of indigenous cultures. The Uros people are perhaps the most intriguing as they live actually on the lake on a network of floating islands made of the totora reeds that grow around the lake. The traditional boats the Uros people use to get around are also constructed using the same dried totora reeds. A further 45km across the lake from Puno there is another island called Taquile. Here the local people are world renown for their beautiful textiles which have been honoured by UNESCO and widely regarded amongst the highest quality in all of Peru. The highest point on the island rises to over 4000 metres above sea level and the 360 degree views of the lake are fantastic.

Apart from the fascinating cultural history, Lake Titicaca has to be one of the best locations in Peru for photography. The colourful textiles and unusual clothes the locals wear make for excellent portraits and the floating reed islands provide a wealth of unique subject matter. What really makes it a special location for photographers, however, is the quality and clarity of the light. In the gallery above you can view a selection of my photos that I took at Lake Titicaca a few years back. As you can see, the golden light gives the photos a warm glow. Learn more about Lake Titicaca with our essential guide by clicking here.

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