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Brazil's Northern Beaches Travel Guide


“Minha Praia” meaning ‘my beach’ is a phrase in Brazil that is used to refer to something that you do or do not like. An equivalent in English would be saying something is or is not your ‘cup of tea’. The reason behind this is that there are so many beaches in Brazil that everyone has their favourite. The north and north east of the country has over 2000km of coastline from the colonial city of São Luis to the beaches of Bahia. Pipa, just south of Natal, is one of the country’s best and the little visited Jericoacoara is an idyllic, off the beaten path destination. Lencois Maranhenses offers awe inspiring dunes and lagoons whilst quieter spots such as Corumbau provide a tranquil retreat.

With miles upon miles of pristine coastline Brazil boasts some incredible beaches, many of which you will have all to yourself

Best months to visit the Northern Beaches

The northern beaches of Brazil have a tropical climate remaining hot all year. This means it is possible to visit year round. The wet season is roughly from April until July but rain does not usually last long and does not normally stop you from going to the beach.

Our hand-picked hotels in the Northern Beaches

A well thought out selection of hotels can make a good trip truly exceptional and here at The Latin America Travel Company we put a lot of resources into sourcing and visiting hotels. Below are some of our favourites along the Northern beaches.

Best reasons to visit the Northern Beaches

With so many miles of coastline, there are hundreds of beaches in Brazil to choose from. Here are some of our highlights of the northern beaches.

Experience the magical Pipa beach, one of Brazil’s best

Go kitesurfing and windsurfing in far flung Jericoacoara

The undulating sand dunes at Lencoi Maranhenses national park

Colonial mansions and cobbled streets in São Luis

Travel to remote Corumbau for the ultimate escape

Weather Averages for the Northern Beaches

Other destinations in Brazil

Visit the colonial mining towns of Minas Gerais & Ouro Preto, travel to Chapada Diamantina for excellent hiking, or party in Buzios. Click the links below to continue browsing our destinations in Brazil.

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