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The Cloud Forest


Also known as the Choco region, the cloud forest area is located a couple of hours north west of Quito. The region comprises many different protected private reserves where scientific and conservation research is carried out. It is renown as a hotspot for birding enthusiasts as more than 500 species have been counted in the area including the striking Andean Cock of the Rock, multicoloured tanagers, toucans, trogons and hummingbirds to name just a few. Visitors can discover the many streams, waterfalls, rivers, rapids and other endemic wildlife such as butterflies, frogs, bats, and even a rare spectacled bear if you are lucky!

The misty and wildlife rich region of Ecuador's cloud forest harbours an astounding variety of bird life and remains relatively unexplored

Best months to visit The Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest can be visited at any time of year. June until November is usually the drier half of the year, but due to the geography of the region you should expect rain at any time of year.

Our hand-picked hotels in The Cloud Forest

A well thought out selection of hotels can make a good trip truly exceptional and here at The Latin America Travel Company we put a lot of resources into sourcing and visiting hotels. Below are a couple of our top picks in The Cloud Forest.

Best reasons to visit The Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest region is an area of staggering bio-diversity with many activities for nature lovers. Below are our top highlights and best experiences in the area.

Catch a glimpse of the emblematic Andean Cock of the Rock

The best birdwatching in the country

Discover hidden waterfalls within the cloud forest

Take a guided nature trail to learn about the impressive ecosystem

Stay in a luxury cloud forest lodge

Weather Averages for The Cloud Forest

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