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Galapagos Travel Guide

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The cluster of volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador called Galapagos were first made famous by Charles Darwin during his epic voyage aboard the Beagle in the 19th Century. Since then the Galapagos Islands have become famous worldwide for their particularly tame and fearless variety of extraordinary wildlife. Ancient giant tortoises, inquisitive sea lions, marine and land iguanas, dancing waved Albatros, a glittering array of multi coloured birdlife, sea turtles, rays, schools of tropical fish, Galapagos penguin, and fur seals are just some of the rich fauna that can be easily seen on any trip.

My ultimate Galapagos experience was sun-bathing on Gardner Bay, a white sand beach, next to a completely unperturbed colony of sleeping sea lions.

The four inhabited islands were first visited by pirates and have an interesting history of human settlement with a particularly European influence. The 20 islands in total are loosely divided into the Eastern and Western routes, each with designated visitor sites to help protect the natural environment and regulate the number of visitors. Call one of our Galapagos specialists today to begin planning your individual and personalised trip of a lifetime with us.


Best time to go

Galapagos is a year round destination with an equatorial climate alongside the cold Humboldt current. December to May is the warmest time of year and also when the water is at its warmest. There is, however, slightly more rainfall over these months.

From June to November it is a few degrees cooler and the water temperature is also at its coolest, but it is the slightly drier season.

Seas are slightly choppier from July to September which is the windiest time of year, but otherwise generally quite calm.


No visas required for visiting Ecuador and the Galapagos as a British national. On arrival you will be granted entry for up to 90 days as a tourist. You may be asked to provide proof of onward or return travel, details of your accommodation and proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay. Your passport needs to be valid for 6 months from your date of arrival in Ecuador.


The Galapagos belong to Ecuador where the local currency is the US dollar.

Time difference

6 hours behind GMT

Capital City

Galapagos islands belong to Ecuador where the capital is Quito but the capital of the province of Galapagos is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno located on San Cristobal island.


Mainly 110v


You should confirm with your doctor that all courses and boosters are up to date as recommended for life in Britain. For Ecuador the courses or boosters that are usually advised are Hepatitis A and typhoid. Other vaccines to be considered are Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Tetanus and yellow fever.

There is no risk of yellow fever in the Galapagos. The yellow fever certificate is only required on entry to Ecuador for travellers over 1 year old arriving from countries with a risk of yellow fever and for travellers who have transited through an airport of a country with risk of yellow fever for more than 12 hours. The yellow fever certificate is now valid for life. There is, however a risk of yellow fever in some parts of Ecuador where the vaccination is recommended for travellers over the age of 9 months. Please consult with your doctor.

There is no risk of malaria in the Galapagos.

Disclaimer: All the information we provide here is purely for guidance purposes and we are not medical experts. We always recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor 6-8 weeks before departure who will be able to properly assess your personal medical history, give accurate advice and advise on exactly which immunisations or medical precautions you need to take.



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