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M/S Beagle

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The Beagle is named after the HMS Beagle, the boat in which Charles Darwin first sailed to the Galapagos in 1835, a famous voyage that inspired him to write his theory of evolution. Originally built in England in the 1970’s, The Beagle is a twin screw steel hulled brigantine with classic teak wood decks. She has been sailing in the Galapagos for over a decade and has been through several refurbishments over that time.

The Beagle is an impressive 105 foot sailing yacht with wide decks and spacious teak wood interiors

Renown in the Galapagos, this romantic and traditional boat is perfect for those who want to experience the archipelago on board one of the few sailboats available in the islands. Interiors are spacious and the deck is wide with many comfortable areas to sit. Meals are served either on deck or in the saloon below. Each of the small but comfortable cabins come with air conditioning and a private bathroom with hot water showers. The friendly crew consists of the captain, helmsman, steward, cook, engineer and a professional naturalist guide.

Features We Love

Romantic motor sailor

Comfortable seating areas

Well stocked bar!

On board naturalist guide

Smart Voyager certification

Selection of games

Services and Amenities

7 cabins

13 passenger capacity

6 crew

Air conditioning

Private bathrooms

Small library

Deck Plans

beagle galapagos deck plan

Below deck starting from left to right on the diagram above you will find the bridge and captain’s quarters, cabin seven, cabins one to six, the saloon, the gallery and finally the crews quarters.

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