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Seven Reasons to Indulge Yourself and Enjoy Costa Rica Holidays

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently unveiled his plan to bring the UK out of lockdown.  
AND, On the 1st March, tourism ministers at the EU are expected to sign off the new vaccine passport scheme in a huge boost to the industry. The policy is not confirmed in the UK however, although it is under review and the UK will be discussing it with the EU.

As the UK rolls out millions of vaccinations, British holidaymakers are starting to feel the travel bug once more.

So, can it be done? Can your dream holiday of 2021 become a reality? Is there an antidote for the staycation blues on the horizon? 

We certainly think so. We think we’ve found the perfect, safe post-Covid travel destination. Read on and make up your own mind!

Officially the happiest country on earth Costa Rica is renowned for its lush rainforests, exotic wildlife, pristine beaches and sustainable ‘pura vida’ approach. The philosophy clearly works, as Costa Rica is rated regularly above the UK, the USA, and other richer nations for mental health, wellness and wellbeing.  

On safety, health, sustainability, accessibility, and now Covid, the country’s doing everything right. 

Better yet, Covid has allowed Costa Rica’s flora and fauna to take a breather. Now is the chance to experience them at their pristine best.

So, dust off those flip flops ladies and gentlemen! Here are seven reasons why you might be swanning off to paradise sooner than you think. 

1. Covid and Travel Restrictions – light at the end of the tunnel!

The UK is planning to ease lockdown restrictions on the 29th March, and it has been widely reported that a vaccine passport scheme is in the works. This is being backed up by the International Air Transport Association’s plans for a global Travel Pass, currently being trialled in New Zealand. 

The wider travel industry is also adapting, this means that the world of post-Covid travel is shaping up, and it looks like once you’ve had your jabs, you should be good to fly. According to the UK Government, everyone will be vaccinated by July. 

The Government of Costa Rica have created a health pass scheme which requires all travellers entering the country to have insurance and to provide up to date health information.  

They have introduced antigen tests for all tourists who wish to return home at 100s of testing locations around the country. These antigen tests give you same day results that are compliant with UK travel restrictions.

At the time of writing, it is no longer a requirement to complete a negative PCR test to get in. 

2. World-leading sustainable tourism

Covid-19 has had a big impact on travel trends, with wilderness seeking, overlanding and bikepacking growing in popularity, but the biggest trend of all is the growth in conscious travel. 

There’s no reason that the resurgence of the tourism industry can’t go hand in hand with an eco-conscious approach. Costa Rica offers holidaymakers plenty of opportunities to get stuck in and make a positive impact on their Costa Rica holidays with projects like the Kids Saving the Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary.

There are a range of activities available that won’t stress the environment: walks, yoga retreats, canopy tours, and, of course, lounging on the beach. 

Costa Rica often tops lists of the greenest countries in the world, and the people of Costa Rica have made it their mission to preserve their nation’s natural splendor by becoming the world’s first carbon neutral country.

The former president, Luis Guillermo Solís, was made a special ambassador to the UN’s World Tourism Organisation in honour of his conscientious approach to eco-tourism. So rest assured that your hosts have their finger on the sustainable pulse.  

3. Costa Rica Wildlife

Costa Rica alone counts for an incredible 6% of earth’s biodiversity, its nature reserves and national parks cover a whopping one quarter of the entire country.

Then there are the birds of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is famously home to a number of exotic and unusual animals with a chance of seeing endangered Costa Rica birds like the mythical Quetzal and Scarlet Macaw a huge draw for intrepid birdwatchers. 

Imagine you were a thousand miles away right now, with nothing but the warm breeze rustling the jungle leaves and the sound of rare bird calls punctuating the peaceful serenity. That’s a proper holiday, that’s a proper reset in nature. 

Birds are not the only companions you’ll want to look out for as Costa Rica also hosts some of the world’s rarest and cutest mammals. Behold! The gentle and gracious Tapir with its unimaginably adorable Tapir baby, the feisty white-nosed Coati, or the incredibly elusive Agouti.  

The Costa Rica sloth sanctuary is a unique experience. The sanctuary has cared for around 800 sloths and reintroduced 140 injured sloths back into the wild since it opened in 1992. If you’re serious about sloths, you can also volunteer.  

As over 25% of Costa Rica consists of national parks, there’s no shortage of options to bask in country’s natural splendour. The Manuel Antonio national park, in close vicinity to the Manuel Antonio beach, is a jewel in Costa Rica’s crown.  

Costa Rica zipline tours, or canopy tours as they are known locally, are very common in Costa Rica, and not always great. Stick to reputable providers at the Arenal and Monteverde national parks for the best experience. 

Manuel Antonio national park is just one of 28 Costa Rica national parks, which also include the Corcovado national park, the Tortuguero national park and the Arenal volcano. No matter where you are, you won’t be far from beautiful Costa Rica animals and wildlife.  

Check out this amazing photo of a tapir that one of our clients took on their trip!

4. Costa Rica Beaches

So, about those beaches. Costa Rica is one of a handful of countries that boasts both a Pacific and a Caribbean coast. That’s two coastlines (or 600 miles) worth of unspoiled, white sand beaches to chill out on. Go for a rum-induced lurch along the Costa Caribe or realign your chakras gazing into the infinite blue on the Costa Del Pacifico. Or both, it’s your dream holiday. 

In the world of post-Covid travel this means miles and miles of untouched sand and crystalline, turquoise waters all to yourself. The Pacific coast is where you’ll find Costa Rica’s most famous beaches.  

Now, usually we’d steer clear of the busy spots, but this being a list of Post-Covid travel tips, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you that now is the time to go and see what all the fuss is about before the crowds return. 

Luxuriate in the perfect sapphire waters of the Costa Ballena, and make sure you don’t miss the most ‘grammed beach in Costa Rica: Uvita’s Whale Tail. On the Peninsula de Nicoya, you’ll be thrilled to discover a tranquil Pacific haven where your time to reflect is yours and yours alone.  

Be one of the lucky few to experience the beautiful and secluded Playa San Juanillo, which combines two beaches into one, and is the ideal place to watch the sunrise, and the sunset! 

On the other side of the isthmus, take a trip down towards the Panamanian border, emerge from the jungle and the sound of toucans and monkeys gives way to cocktails, surf, and the kind of reggae music you hate at home, but will absolutely love here.  

If you’re after the laid-back swing of the Caribbean after getting your hands dirty, kick back on Playa Negra; with one eye on your mojito and the other on the waves – it’s often ranked as the best spot for Costa Rica surfing, after all. 

lagarta lodge view costa rica

5. Accessibility

Costa Rica is an unsung hero of accessible adventure.  

Accessibility in tourist areas is protected by legislation, which means you can expect to find ramps up volcanoes, accessible paths through jungles, and excellent public facilities. 

Costa Rica is one of the most accessible destinations in Latin America, but don’t take our word for it! 

Read about Toncy Dunlop of Wheel the World’s incredible wheelchair tour of Costa Rica which included ziplining, kayaking, surfing, and hiking. Or, check out Wheelchair Traveling’s city guide. 

For more detail, take a look at this guide from Evaneos, which explains how Parc Carara has been made wheelchair accessible, featuring signs in braille, audio guides, and sculptures designed for the visually impaired.

6. Get your money’s worth

Many holidaymakers are now booking their bucket-list beating mega adventures as an antidote to quarantine related cabin-fever. After months spent isolated and indoors, travellers are likelier than ever to push the boat out on an all-inclusive, bespoke holiday or even mix business and pleasure on a long-term workation.   

Holiday-makers are rethinking their priorities and making time for the once in a lifetime, dream holiday. But if you’re looking to beat the crowds, private, off the beaten track tours and tailor made holidays are a great way to relieve any Costa Rica safety concerns you may have. 

Their expertise, advice and travel protections easily justify the expense. Indeed, Sustainable travel expert Juliet Kinsman believes that booking agents and travel experts will become a highly regarded resource in the world of post-Covid travel.  

Dodge the hiccups by asking a travel agent about flexible travel arrangements, how to secure your Costa Rica flights, and financial protection. In the current climate they’ll be very happy to accommodate you.

P.S. thinking of taking the kids? Here’s everything you need to know. Did we mention Costa Rica also has widespread fibre optic broadband coverage?  

7. Pura Vida!

Inspired? We certainly hope so. We hope we’ve given you a good taste of what a Costa Rica Holiday can do to shake off the doldrums when lockdown’s over. Life after Covid is going to taste sweet enough, but why not take your medicine with a spoonful of the pura vida too? See you there. 


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