Visit a sloth sanctuary, take a boat trip on a jungle canal or explore the remote rainforests of the Osa Peninsular. These are just a few of the experiences we can organize on one of our tailor made wildlife holidays to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a wildlife and nature lover’s paradise. For such a small country the amount of bio-diversity is staggering with many different ecosystems, climates and micro climates that support a huge variety of life. A world leader in conservation and green energy, Costa Rica has protected over a quarter of its total land mass through its extensive national park system and 98% of its electricity is produced from renewable sources.

Here at The Latin America Travel Company our travel experts have in depth knowledge of the different regions having visited the country many times themselves. Whether you are on the trail of the elusive Resplendent Quetzal, or you want to spot a tapir, we know the national parks and private reserves where you can find them. Call us today to begin planning your own personalised Costa Rica wildlife holiday.

Costa Rica Wildlife Holidays

Below are a few itinerary ideas for wildlife holidays in Costa Rica. Call us today to start planning your very own trip, tailored to your requirements.

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Costa Rica Eco Lodges

Here are just a few of our favourite eco lodges in Costa Rica – call us today to start planning your trip!

Nature Activities in Costa Rica

There are many fantastic nature activities available in Costa Rica from hanging bridges and bird watching to kayaking through mangroves and guided jungle explorations.

baby sloths at kids saving the rainforest wildlife sanctuary

Visit A Wildlife Sanctuary

We can organise tours to a couple of different wildlife sanctuaries. Here you can learn about the fantastic conservation work that is done in rehabilitating sick and injured animals with the goal of re-introducing them into the wild.  You will also have the chance to get up close to sloths, monkeys, owls, eagles, a variety of other birds, reptiles and even wild cats!

cloud forest and bridge in monteverde

Hanging Bridges

Hanging bridges are suspension bridges built across the forest canopy that provide a unique way to experience the jungle. Accompanied by a naturalist guide you will be able to experience the forest from this unique vantage point and enjoy the fantastic views. Hanging bridges can be found in several different locations in Costa Rica, speak to our specialists about which ones are the best.

Bird Watching

Costa Rica’s most famous bird is arguably the Resplendent Quetzal that although rare, is possible to see in a variety of locations. Beyond the Quetzal, however, there are over 840 different species of birds from small multicoloured tanagers to the striking king vulture and the giant and rare harpy eagle. We can organise a variety of tours to the best areas for bird watching in the country.

nature trails in costa rica

Guided Nature Trails

With over a quarter of its land protected as national parks, Costa Rica has thousands of miles of pristine nature trails. Guided by professional naturalists, you can explore these trails and learn about the different flora and fauna that inhabit them. From cloud forests to volcano slopes and thick jungle, explore Costa Rica’s natural beauty with The Latin America Travel Company.

“Costa Rica is well known for it’s incredible nature and wildlife and a stay at an authentic eco lodge is bound to be one of the highlights of your trip.”

John StanleyFounder

Costa Rica Eco Systems

Costa Rica is home to many distinctive eco systems and habitats where a variety of flora and fauna can be found.

tortuguero rainforest costa rica


Although a small country, Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse places on earth and much of that is due to its rainforests. Rainforests are home to over half of all living species on earth and Costa Rica itself has more plant species than the whole of Europe combined! Rainforests are characterised by high levels of precipitation, humidity and constant warm temperatures. They can be found all over Costa Rica along the Caribbean coast, the Southern Pacific lowlands, and the northern regions of the country.

cloud forest waterfall costa rica

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forests are similar to Rainforests except only occur at higher altitudes when warm air rises and condenses to form clouds. Constantly shrouded in mist, these forests can be found around the volcanoes and in Costa Rica’s highland areas. The most famous cloud forest is Monteverde, but there are others in the Central Valley such as Braulio Carrillo National Park and Los Angeles Cloud Forest Reserve. Cloud forests are also good areas for coffee and chocolate plantations.

Tropical Dry Forest

Tropical dry forests are much rarer in Costa Rica and mainly confined to the northern region of Guanacaste and Pacific coastal lowlands. These forests receive very little rain, especially during the 6 month dry season, and are threatened by forest fires. Tropical dry forests have fewer species of plants and animals than rainforests but they are home to the Guanacaste tree, which is the national tree of Costa Rica.


Mangrove forests can be found anywhere where there is brackish water in lowland areas where rivers and streams meet the sea. There are 5 species of mangrove tree in Costa Rica the most common of which are black, white and red. Mangroves are fantastic habitats for marine birds as well as sloths, anteaters, monkeys, caiman and other wildlife. The biggest mangrove swamp in the country is just north of the Osa Peninsular around sierpe.


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