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Costa Rica’s most famous volcano is Arenal but this name also refers to the general area around the national park in which the volcano is located. La Fortuna is the nearest town which is about 6km from the border of the national park. The best hotels are spread out along the road leading towards the national park. It is an area of forests, rivers and waterfalls with the imposing volcano as a dramatic backdrop. The vast Arenal lake is man made and used to create most of the hydro-electric power for the country. A great area for adventure activities and natural hot springs.

Map of Arenal in Costa Rica

When is the Best Time to Visit Arenal in Costa Rica?

Arenal is located in Costa Rica’s northern lowlands. The dry season from roughly November until end of April we usually advise as the best time to visit Arenal. However, May is also a great month because you have less crowds and in recent years the dry season has been extending due to the El Niño weather phenomenon. Showers can be expected at any time of year and the top of the volcano is almost always covered in cloud. It is quite rare to see the volcano with no cloud around it at all.
climate chart arenal costa rica

What are the Highlights of Arenal, Costa Rica?

Overlooked by the iconic volcano, the Arenal area is full of exciting adventure activities, hiking, but also great for relaxation.
galapagos wildlife calendar october
galapagos wildlife calendar october
★ Hanging bridges - the classic Arenal nature experience

★ Fly above the forest at 50mph on a thrilling zip line

★ Hiking on the volcano and to the ethereal Rio Celeste

★ Discover La fortuna waterfall

★ Beautiful natural hot springs
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