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Looking for the Best Luxury Escorted Tours South America Offers?

If you are looking for the best way to experience the wonder of Latin America in luxury, then look no further - We are the premier South American tour company. We offer incredible South America tour packages that will show you this area of the world in a way that no one else can. From the storied BBQ culture and tango in Argentina to the fabulous scenery in Chile - our luxury South America tours are second to none.

Are you looking for the best South America tour package on the market? Do you want luxury while also experiencing the local cultures and food? Our South America trips offer an unparalleled experience where you will be fully immersed while also being safe and living in comfort. Contact us today and see what everyone is talking about with our luxury escorted tours in South America! We have suitable South America travel packages for you and your friends and family.

Enjoy a Wealth of Breathtaking Scenery with Our Memorable Luxury South America Tour Packages

Luxury escorted tours are the perfect way to explore South America. Trip packages through The Latin American Travel Company include everything you need and nothing you don't. From the stunning scenery and amazing wildlife to the rich culture and history, there is something for everyone with our luxury small group tours. South America offers adventure, breathtaking scenery, incredible food and storied culture - all of which you will experience with our South America multi country tours.

Looking to explore some of the most gorgeous scenery on the planet? Then you need to look at our luxury South America travel tours! Our luxury South America tour packages will take you everywhere, from the stunning Andes Mountains to the otherworldly Amazon rainforest; there's so much natural beauty to take in here in South America. Tours from the UK are pain-free and thoroughly planned out from the plane to the Amazon - we take care of everything with our South America tour packages.

South America Guided Tours & Luxury South America Travel Packages Oozing with Culture

With our top-of-the-line accommodation options and experienced guides, you're guaranteed a luxurious and hassle-free experience. When you choose us, you are going with one of the best tour companies in South America. We have decades of experience providing the safest, most luxurious tours Latin America offers. So come and see for yourself why South America trip packages through us are some of the most popular worldwide! Starting your journey is easy; just contact us about our luxury Latin America tours today!

If you're looking for a unique South American experience without the hassle of planning it all yourself, then a South America guided tour is perfect for you! Our South America tours have everything from luxurious accommodation to delicious local cuisine. Plus, with knowledgeable guides leading the way, you'll be able to explore all the incredible history and culture - all while staying safe. Are you ready to explore? Then contact us, and we will start creating your custom Latin America tour!

We Are The Leading South America Tour Operator Specialising In South America Multi-Country Tours

If you want to explore the best of South America, look no further than our South America private tours! We are the leading South America tour operator and specialise in South American multi-country tours. From Machu Picchu in Peru to the beaches of Costa Rica - with our South America travel packages, we even put the glaciers of Patagonia within your reach with the perfect South American tours! There's no destination we can't take you, all while you tour in luxury and experience the local culture of each country on your Latin America tour.

We believe that travel should be transformative, and our experienced guides will ensure that your South America trip is one you'll never forget. Whether you are looking for South America tours from Canada, the UK or even Australia - we have the perfect experience ready for you here in South America. Guided tours are at your fingertips right here on our website, just send us an enquiry, and we will get to work on your bespoke South American Tour!

The Best Destinations For Luxury Tours In South America

When it comes to Latin America tour packages, you will not find a more reputable Latin America travel agency. Our family-run business has been providing the best tours of South America to clients from around the globe for years. You are more than just another customer to us; you are part of our family when you choose us for your South America vacation. Tour curation is our passion; every client will experience the best of South America. Escorted tours are just a click away!

Are you interested in the best tours of South America? Experiences that are truly unforgettable such as exploring the jungles of the Amazon? Or seeing the incredibly unique biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands? Then you have found the right South America tour company providing the finest in luxury tours. South America has so much to offer as a travel destination for anyone looking for a little outside-the-box adventure. So what are you waiting for? Come and explore South America with us on one of our South America escorted tours – you won't regret it!

Tailor-Made Guided Tours of South America That You Will Never Forget

As your trusted South America travel agency, we can do much more than just book you a flight and hotel. We provided highly curated experiences for our luxury small group tours. South America is an excellent part of the world, and having your local guide show you the authentic culture and hidden places are essential to South America tours. 2024 will see a massive boom in travel, so getting in now and booking one of our guided tours of South America is imperative.

With us, you are trusting in one of the most respected South America tour operators with a long history of creating the best and safest experiences the area offers. We have a full calendar of 2024 South America tours that will blow you away. Are you dreaming of a getaway to Costa Rica? We have the perfect Latin America tour packages to make that dream a reality! Let's explore together on a South American tour! Just send us an enquiry to get started.

From the Andes to the Rainforest, We Have the Ideal Luxury South America Tour Package For You

We can bring you to places you could never imagine with our custom-tailored South American tours. Do you want to sleep in the powerful Amazon jungle and listen to the mighty sounds of nature surrounding you? We have a South America tour package for that! We can provide that experience for you in the safest and most luxurious accommodation in South America. Tours from the USA, Canada, the UK or anywhere else are no hassle for you from start to finish.

Whether you want to explore the wonder of the Andean highlands in Ecuador on a custom South America escorted tour, see the majesty of Patagonia on a South America vacation tour; enjoy untouched beaches in paradise on our South America trip packages to Costa Rica or dive with some of the most incredible marine life in the Galapagos - we are the South America travel company for you. Start planning your wild adventure with us today by sending an enquiry through our website. Our South America escorted tour options are simply too good to pass up!

Expertly Curated South America Escorted Tours From the World's Top South America Travel Agency

South America is a massive place, and our South America Tours will show you everything. As you can imagine, it's hard to know where all the best restaurants are, the loveliest beaches or mountain vistas - but South America tour packages include a tour guide that does. It would take years in each country to uncover all of the go-to adventures, culinary delights and culture. That's where we come in - as one of the most reputable South America tour companies; we have already done the groundwork for you. Contact us today about our luxury escorted tours in South America.

South America tours from Australia are among our most popular South American tour packages. Australians love visiting Latin America for its incredible nature, local cuisine and vibrant culture. Whether meeting an indigenous tribe in the Amazon or taking a Tango class in Argentina, we offer the best South America tours to adventurers worldwide. We recommend booking our specially tailored Latin America trips well in advance, so you don't miss out.

Interested in a South America Trip? Speak to our South America Private Tour Specialists

Our South American tour specialists can help you plan the perfect trip, customised to your interests and needs. South America is a vast and varied continent with something to offer everyone, which makes our South America multi-country tours so appealing. From the bustling cities of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires to the stunning natural beauty of Patagonia, there is something for everyone on a South America tour. Holidays are a popular time for these tours, so make sure to book in advance!

A South America trip is the perfect way to explore the continent's diverse cultures, landscapes, and history. You can choose whether you want a South American tour focusing on history and culture or spend your time outdoors exploring the incredible landscapes with our enticing outdoor South American tour packages. Our team of experienced South America tour specialists can help you plan the perfect trip, ensuring you make the most of your time on this incredible continent. Whether you're looking for an adventure-filled trip or luxury escorted tours in South America, our specialists can help you plan the perfect Latin America trips.

Book Your South America Trip of a Lifetime with Confidence at The Latin America Travel Company

When booking a South American tour, there’s no better company to trust than The Latin America Travel Company. With many years of experience and the reviews to back it up, we know how to make your trip one remember. We have travelled extensively throughout Latin America, so our carefully curated South America tour packages come from our various personal travels. We want you to have the richest experience possible when you book a South American tour with us!

We offer a variety of packages that can be customised to your specific needs and wants in South America. Trip specifications can be tailored for many of our luxury escorted tours in South America. You can rest assured that you’ll have the trip of a lifetime when you choose us as your South America travel company. And what’s more, our prices are unbeatable, and our tours are second to none.

Luxury Tours South America and South America Escorted Tour Packages FAQs

How long should you spend on a South America tour?

A South America tour can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and there’s no shortage of things to see and do. But with so much ground to cover, how can you ensure you don’t miss anything important? Luxury escorted tours in South America often range from 10-15 days, so you should allow at least this much time to get the most out of your experience. Booking through a reputable company with a history of curating South American tours is recommended.

Is it safe to go on a South America escorted tour?

Why are South American tours so popular? That's the real question. The thought of exploring South America can be both exhilarating and daunting. There are so many unique places to see and things to do, but is it safe to go on a South America tour? The short answer is yes; it can be safe to go on Luxury escorted tours in South America - if you do your research and choose a reputable company. Any South America tour company you choose should have a long track record of providing a safe experience.

How much do South America tour packages cost on average?

There are a variety of South American tour packages available to choose from, depending on what interests you and how many days you would like. The average cost of a 10-15 day South American tour package will depend on which South America tour company you choose and what experience you are looking to have. For instance, luxury escorted tours in South America will have a different price point than a tour with a local guide and basic accommodation.

How do I prepare for a South America guided tour?

When planning a trip to South America, there are many things to consider. This is why many people choose a South American tour agency to work out the details. Make sure you research to find the best tour company for your needs. South America travel packages require little to no preparation in advance.

Why is the Latin America Travel Company one of the best tour companies South America offers?

The Latin America Travel Company offers its customers a wide variety of Latin America tours. The company prides itself on its attractive Latin America trips and commitment to providing a high-quality and unforgettable experience. The company is a family-owned business, and the owners are passionate about providing its clients with the best South America tours. They believe that their company offers the best possible experience through offerings such as their luxury escorted tours in South America for their customers.

Do you offer luxury South America tours from Australia?

Yes, we offer luxury South America tours from Australia. We offer various tour options to suit your needs and schedule. Contact us today to learn more about our luxury South America tour packages.

Our Exclusive Trip Guidebooks

Tap into our knowledge of Latin America with a copy of our exclusive guidebook personalised to your trip. These books are packed full of tips about the country, climate, what to take, currency, language guides and destination guides. The perfect way to prepare for and get the most out of your Latin America experience with us!


One of the great perks of the job is to receive positive feedback after a client's trip to Latin America and we are proud of our positive reviews.
We have now had our trip to Costa Rica, it was exactly as promised, the accommodation was excellent, the guides were all knowledgable and everything happened seamlessly, would definitely recommend!
LATC feedback photo 4
Carolyn Hector & Family
Great Value, Efficient, and Effective. LATC worked with me to plan precisely the experience I wanted, at the time I wanted, and at a very competitive price. I had tried three other, well-known, larger companies but could not get what I wanted.
LATC feedback photo 2
David Blanchard
I would like to say a big thanks to John and his team at The Latin American Travel Company for making this trip such a pleasurable and memorable one for me. They really did an excellent job the whole way through and nothing I could fault.
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John Vlacos


View our trip ideas for inspiration then give us a call to discuss your plans. We’ll create a suggested itinerary to fit your dates and match the level of service and accommodation you require.


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When your itinerary is finalised you pay a deposit to secure your trip with the balance due 60 days before departure. We also create a personalised trip guidebook, tailored to your trip.
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