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"Beaches, Jungles, vibrant Cities, fiestas and fireworks Mexico has it all in abundance. A trip here is an assault on the senses and totally unforgettable."

Mexico offers a wide range of experiences like few other countries. It has cactus-strewn deserts, steaming jungles and snowcapped volcanoes. There are 10,000kms of coastline that is lined with sandy beaches and wildlife-rich lagoons. During your Mexico guided tour you can snorkel and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, as well as the whitewater of Mexico's rivers. You can also stay dry and explore Oaxaca's mountain clouds forests, climb the peaks dormant volcanoes, or marvel at the millions of Monarch butterflies migrating to Mexico. The warm, outgoing and friendly Mexican people will be at the centre of your experience.

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Mexico's prehistoric civilizations created some of the most important archaeological monuments in the world, including Teotihuacan’s impressive pyramids and Palenque's exquisite Maya temples. Beautiful towns were left by the Spanish colonial period, with their richly sculpted stone churches, mansions and trees. Modern Mexico has seen an explosion of great art thanks to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Museums and galleries of international stature document Mexico's rich history and creative genius. The vibrant popular culture includes underground dance clubs of Mexico City, and the past is celebrated by incredible handicrafts of the indigenous people. Mexico's culinary offerings are as varied as its experiences. Dining out can be an adventure in itself.

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