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"Famously declared one of the happiest places in the world, Costa Rica has protected over 40% of its land as national parks and produces 99% of its power from clean, renewable sources."

Pura vida is a popular phrase you will hear the locals saying all the time on your holiday to Costa Rica. It can be used as a greeting, a farewell, an affirmation, a way to express gratitude or satisfaction or a way of describing someone. Broadly speaking it can be described as an expression of eternal optimism and has become Costa Rica’s unofficial motto. Relaxed and easy-going, it is not difficult to see why in recent years sun-soaked, tropical Costa Rica has become one of Latin America’s most popular destinations. Although a small country there is a wide variety of climates and landscapes from the gushing rivers, waterfalls and coffee plantations of the Central Valley to the jungle canals on the Caribbean coast and the cooler cloud forest in Monteverde.

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A natural paradise, Costa Rica is a premier destination for wildlife, adventure activities and relaxation alike. Go to Manuel Antonio for monkeys playing on the beach and sleeping sloths in the trees above. Spot scarlet macaws and the otherwise rare Baird’s Tapir in Corcovado national park on The Osa Peninsular and visit Tortuguero for nesting sea turtles and jungle canals. Fly through the air on a canopy zip line and enjoy natural volcanic hot springs in Arenal or travel to the Nicoya Peninsular and Guanacaste for top luxury hotels, perfect beaches and yoga retreats. Whether you want to visit the highlights of Costa Rica, or you are interested in more off the beaten path destinations, our experts will design the perfect itinerary for your Costa Rica luxury tour package.

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