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If you have been dreaming of taking that long-awaited vacation to South America, then our exquisitely curated escorted Bolivia tour packages offer everything you could want. Bolivia holidays get tailored to a country blessed with extreme natural beauty and incredible history, giving you a spectacular and diverse choice of destinations and experiences. Booking our curated Bolivia vacation packages is a surefire way of getting the perfect vacation in Bolivia.

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Experience the Birthplace of Inca Civilization with Extraordinary Bolivia Tours for 2023

On our escorted tours of Bolivia, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the richness of Inca history that dates back nearly 800 years. Package tours to Bolivia will open your eyes to this ancient civilisation. The local Bolivian tour guides will take you to destinations that bring to life just how the Incas expanded their empire into the country on your Bolivia vacation.

If ancient culture and history are what you’re looking for, trips to Bolivia aren’t complete until you visit the ancient ruins of Incallajta, east of Cochabamba, on your Bolivia holiday.
The Latin America Travel Company Bolivia tours are the ideal way to navigate your way through a country with incredible natural wonders, diverse cultures, and indigenous people. It also offers tremendous opportunities for those travelers who want an extraordinary adventure from their tour packages to Bolivia.

Bolivia Tour Packages Offering Amazing Scenery, Astonishing Landmarks, and a Rich Indigenous Culture

Bolivia vacations will give you provide you with enormous diversity when it comes to things to do and see. Your vacation in Bolivia will have you open-jawed and short of breath, taking in the view of the snow-capped Andes. Or, Maybe you’ll want your Bolivia vacation package to include the pink salt lake of Laguna Colorada as the highlight of your Bolivia holiday.

As well as stunning landscapes, your tour of Bolivia can comprise some unique South American culture as part of one of our private Bolivia tours. Escorted Bolivia tours
Can breathe life into ancient civilisations, such as the Tiwanaku empire, Aymara kingdoms, and the Inca empire. There is so much to love and learn from such a remarkable nation, and you can do it all with a tailored itinerary with our travel packages to Bolivia.

Have a High Altitude Experience with Our Escorted Bolivia Adventure Tours

Start your tour of Bolivia by taking an alpine trek up the Andes to take in the spectacular snow-capped peaks and breathtaking views on your 2023 Bolivia holiday. A curated Bolivia vacation will take you from the city of Uyuni, home of the world's largest salt flats, to the highest summits of the Andes mountain range. Our Bolivia vacations are a spectacular way to explore this magical ancient part of the continent.

We provide Bolivia escorted tours that will take you to the highest freshwater lake in the world. A visit to Lake Titicaca is a bucket list moment on any tailored tour of Bolivia.
If hiking and climbing take your fancy, Bolivia vacation packages can include a trip to the country's highest mountain, Mount Sajama, which stands nearly 6500 meters above sea level. All our Bolivia adventure tours can have personalised itineraries tailored for those with a head for heights.

Be Amazed at the Ruins of Lake Titicaca’s Island with Our Guided Bolivia Vacation Package Selection

Lake Titicaca piggybacks on the border of Bolivia and Peru, just to the northwest of La Paz, is a top-rated attraction on Bolivian Tours. As Bolivia tour operators, arranging a visit on one of our Bolivia holidays is a must, as it offers tranquil beauty, still waters, and many species of rare wildlife. You can’t forget to hop over to the spectacular Isla Del Sol while on your Bolivian tour.

While visiting Lake Titicaca on your Bolivian tour, you can marvel at the display of ancient ruins stemming from the Inca and Aymara civilisations. Bolivia holiday packages to the lake, its islands, its relics, and hidden gems ensure a vacation in Bolivia last long in your memory. The Latin America Travel Company has the best Bolivia vacation package selection for you to create the ultimate adventure in this incredible South American wonder.

See The World's Largest Salt Flat at Salar De Uyuni with an Itinerary-Packed Bolivia Holiday Package

How about Salar De Uyuni as a special destination as part of your Bolivia holiday? At an altitude of over 3500 meters, a vacation in Bolivia just wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the Uyuni salt flats. We will craft your Bolivian tour package so that your itinerary gets packed with unique and dazzling experiences that can’t be found anywhere else and give you a truly individual and memorable tour of Bolivia.

One Bolivian tour opportunity you don’t want to miss while you’re enjoying your vacation in Bolivia is staying at Casa de Sal. It translates as ‘Salt Hotel’ and was built using salt blocks and shouldn’t be missed on your Bolivia trip. Bolivia luxury tours genuinely are a magnificent one-in-a-lifetime experience and full of spectacularly unique nature-based adventures and culturally diverse exploits that allow you to explore all this country has to offer on your incredible Bolivian holiday.

Enjoy Unparalleled Bolivia Vacation Cruises on the Mighty Amazon River and Holidays in Bolivia

About 30% of Bolivia is in the Amazon basin, making for a highly bio-diverse attraction as part of our escorted Bolivia tours. The basin is home to the mighty Amazon River, meaning you can take a curated cruise while on your Bolivia vacation. Start your Bolivia luxury tours cruise from Trinidad and head out on the Flotel Reina De Enin to enjoy the incredible beauty offered on this Bolivia vacation package.

The Amazon wildlife you’ll witness from the Reina De Enin makes this one of the best tropical tours. Bolivia Amazon cruises will delight you with pink river dolphins and vast sandy beaches. A vacation in Bolivia is spectacular in every way. With a tailored Bolivian tour, you can choose where you go, what you see, and what you do during your every step of the way on your Bolivia holiday.

Explore the Tropical Rainforest on Bolivia Jungle tours with Incredible Curated Tour Packages to Bolivia

When most people think about an Amazon rainforest tour, a Bolivian tour isn’t always the first destination that necessarily springs to mind. Our travel packages to Bolivia will help you experience some of the rainforest's most wonderful species, including capybaras, giant otters, and squirrel monkies. Bolivia jungle tours are a nature lover's dream, and you can curate your itinerary to spot all the fantastic critters and creatures you want on your Bolivia vacation.

As well as the rainforest mammals you’ll see on your Bolivian tour, some 1400 bird species, including Red-fronted macaws, Toucans, and the Horned curassow, call the Amazon home, and you can enjoy them on our package holidays in Bolivia. Bolivian tours can be curated, granting you access to all the magic this spectacular wonder has to offer and amply satisfy all your senses while relaxing on your spectacular Bolivia vacation.

Revel in Extreme Cycling and Trekking on Bolivia Private Tours and Adventurous Bolivia Vacations

If cycling takes your fancy, how about booking one of our Bolivia adventure tours, including mountain biking The Death Road, on your vacation in Bolivia? It is in the top ten most popular adventure attractions in South America. These Bolivia tour packages will see you cycling from the snow-capped high-altitude mountains of the Andes to the Yugas Valley, the entrance to the Amazon rainforest, on your quest for adventure on this Bolivian tour.

If you’re not into Bolivia vacation packages for cycling, you can keep the adventures rolling with trekking or climbing trips to Bolivia. We will create an itinerary rich in some of the most spectacular treks of any South American country and climbing opportunities at Paso Zongo, Austria Peak, and many others. As established Bolivia tour operators, we make it easy for you to create unforgettable adventures on your Bolivia holiday.

Book Your Itinerary Rich 2023 Package Tour of Bolivia Today with the Best Bolivia Tours Operator

This beautiful South American gem has so much variety to offer those looking to book tropical tours. Bolivia has incredible natural beauty and offers adventures galore!
The best way to create the perfect guided tours of Bolivia, is to speak to The Latin America Travel Company, and we will fashion your optimal fun-filled itinerary proving you the best of everything on your Bolivian tour.

As industry-leading Bolivia tour operators, we curate travel packages to Bolivia that allow you to sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting and arrange everything! We will organise private Bolivia tours to provide lifelong memories for you and your loved ones.
Contact our experts about our tour packages to Bolivia today and start planning your dream vacation to South America today.

Bolivia Holiday Packages FAQs

Is it safe to go on guided tours of Bolivia?

Generally, Bolivian tours are safe and you have no need to be worried. Crimes that are committed against tourists are usually petty crimes, such as pickpocketing. Following common sense and not flaunting large amounts of cash, and keeping wallets safely on your person will suffice.

How much will I be able to do during a two-week Bolivian tour?

Two weeks is plenty of time to do all the things you want to do on your vacation in Bolivia.
Because we curate your itinerary, our experts can enrich two week holidays in Bolivia that can place you on snow-capped mountains or Salt lakes to incredible local cultural encounters with indigenous people on our escorted Bolivia tours.

When is the best time of year to visit Bolivia?

Bolivia enjoys its dry season between May and October, so arriving in May or June allows you to still make the most of the lush greenery, only without the constant rain. It is also less crowded during this time and makes for a very good time to visit and freely move around on your Bolivia holiday.

How expensive are Bolivia tour packages?

Bolivia tour packages can start from less than £2000 and can reach multiple thousand depending on the length of your trip and what excursions and adventures you go on. A Bolivia vacation package offers great value for money over some other destinations, and with awell curated itinerary, there are many good reasons to put escorted tours of Bolivia at the top of your list for 2023.

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