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If you’ve long been dreaming of going on the adventure of a lifetime, then our selection of Colombia vacation packages will have everything you’ve been searching for and more! Colombia tours will furnish you with incredible experiences and magical memories that can only be captured from a trip to South America. The Latin America Company can provide you with everything you need to get the maximum output from your participation in a trip to Columbia.


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Curated Selection of Tailor-Made 2023 Tour Packages to Colombia

Every tour package that we curate for 2023 is different because every customer has a different idea of what makes the perfect Colombia vacation. Every itinerary we curate is unique so that you get the exact Colombia tour experience that you dream about. Our Colombia tour packages have thoroughly created itineraries that deliver mind-blowing exploits and adventures that only a magical trip to Colombia can provide in 2023.

Colombia guided tours have been popular for many years and it is a country that is filled with adventure opportunities and intrigue. The best Colombia tours are those that are personalised, and distinctive and leave you with a lifetime full of special memories. A Colombia vacation may be something you only ever do once, so do it right and book a dream customised Colombia tour package with us today!

Colombia Guided Tours with Diverse Landscapes, From Lush Tropical Grasslands to Breathtaking Mountain Peaks

Colombia excursions offer travellers an abundance of spectacularly scenic landscapes that other destinations just can’t match when you set out on your guided Colombia tours.Colombia trip packages can take you to places like the El Tuparro National Natural Park in the east to see the Maypures stream, known as the ‘eighth wonder of the world or the beaches of Bahia Solano, Choco, to watch humpback whales swim in the Pacific Ocean on your Colombia adventure vacation.

Suppose you are looking to gain some altitude during your Colombian Amazon tour. In that case, you could head to the Lost City in the Tayrona National Park or Cocuy National Natural Park to take in the snow-capped mountain sights as part of your Colombia vacation. If you like to be around water, the Nariño Lagoons or Ocetá Páramo, with its rock formations, waterfalls, eagles, and Andean condors, can set apart your Colombian wildlife tours from others.

Visit Local Coffee Plantations and Colombia's Amazing Museums with Itinerary-Packed Colombia Holiday Packages

Coffeeholics are sure to fall in love with tours to Colombia. South America, particularly Colombia, is renowned for its incredibly top-quality coffee. A trip to Colombia wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of the many plantations to learn its history and how coffee gets cultivated. We can curate guided Colombia tours that could take you to Medellín, where you can spend the day at a plantation and enjoy tasting some of the world’s finest roasts.

Colombia is a nation steeped in a rich history, and travellers can revel in the plethora of excellent museums available on Colombia luxury tours. The National Museum in Bogota has incredible artefacts dating back to 10,000 BC and is a real gem to visit on your Colombia vacation. The Gold Museum in Bogota is also a great addition to your tour package itinerary. With more than 55,000 pieces of gold on display, it is a special attraction to add to your trip to Columbia.

From The Hustle and Bustle of Bogota to the 16th Century Town of Cartagena, Soak-Up the Culture with our Colombia Tours.

Bogota is a huge city, and you’ll never run out of new things to experience on your Colombia adventure vacation. The best tours in Colombia can take you on incredible food experiences, walking tours, cultural museum visits, vast salt mines, or strolling through the brightly coloured craft markets on your trip to Colombia. Bogota also has plenty of modern attractions to explore as part of our Colombia travel packages, but there is more to the country than just Bogota.

How about staying in the country’s stunning 16th-century port city of Cartagena on one of our tour packages to Colombia? Set on the Caribbean coast, with its cobblestone streets and brightly coloured colonial buildings, this is a must-see during any Colombia vacation. This portion of your Colombia adventure travel can see you exploring the Walled City, enjoying some fantastic restaurants, and soaking up the culture on an incredible Colombia tour.

Curated Colombia Rainforest Tours That Offer The Finest Adventure Travel Colombia Has To Offer

Colombia is home to two primary rainforests, the Amazon and the Chocó, and both offer incredible adventure opportunities when curated into a Colombia tour package. The rainforests have a hugely diverse wildlife habitat you can never fail to be impressed by on your trip to Colombia. Let the magic of this natural marvel take you on a journey of exploration and education while you have the time of your life Columbia Amazon tour.

The Latin America Travel Company will curate your dream itinerary, allowing you to take guided Colombia tours of the rainforest and see one of mother nature’s true spectacles. Include the Rainbow River in your itinerary from our selection of eco-tours. Colombia has everything you wish for, from sloths, jaguars and giant otters, to orchids, coffee plants and giant water lilies. Contact us today about preparing your Colombia adventure vacation for 2023.

All of Our Colombia Travel Packages Are Enriched By a Team of Highly Experienced Local Guides

We have been curating Colombia luxury tours for many years and have access to the most excellent local guides as part of our Colombia travel packages. It is an extraordinary country to visit, and the best way to navigate your way around, and get the most from your trip to Colombia, is to take advantage of our contacts. Allow yourself to relax in our guided Colombia tours, knowing that you’re in safe hands for all of your exploits and adventures.

Whether you want to trek through the Amazon rainforest, hike up the Andean mountains, or experience Humpback whales breaching off the Pacific coast on your Colombia adventure vacation, having expert guides are an essential component in getting the full experience of everything this stunning country provides from a Colombia tour package. All Colombia tour guides put your safety first and are there to show you just how magical this South American beauty really is.

Colombia Escorted Tours That Offer a Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience You Will Always Remember

This South American gem is an incredible place that offers some of the world's most diverse natural habitats. As well as its outstanding natural beauty, Colombia is home to some spectacular cities that can be enjoyed on Colombia tours. Colombia escorted tours to Bogata to soak up the culture and craft at the vibrant local markets, or the atmosphere generated by The Walled City of Cartegena on a Colombia vacation are great ways to create memories.

For most people, a Colombian Amazon tour, or a Colombia adventure vacation will be the trip of a lifetime that won’t be repeated, so it needs to be done just right the first time around. The Latin America Travel Company are highly experienced in curating dream Colombia tour packages that give travellers that once-in-a-lifetime experience that is hard to capture on your own. Make sure you get yourself on the best tours in Colombia in 2023 so that you’ll bring home memories you’ll never forget.

Uncover The True Essence of Colombia in Style with the Best Luxury Tour Colombia Offers

The value of travelling in style can never be understated, no matter where the destination may be. We will tailor your Colombia luxury tours so that you can experience the culture and true lifeblood of the country on your trip to Colombia. You'll be able to pack your itinerary full of the unique experiences you’ve always dreamed of on your luxury tour. Colombia has so much to offer, you can’t help but be dazzled by its beauty.

Whether you want to trek the Andes mountain range or explore deep into the Amazon rainforest, you can do it with the luxury of having the best local guides possible for your Colombia excursions but also choose from some magnificent accommodations along the way. Go on the best Colombia tours to discover the heart of the country, its culture, and indigenous people, all whilst appreciating the finest luxury tour Colombia has to offer.

Interested in a 2023 Colombia Holiday Package? Speak to Our Colombia Private Tours Experts Today!

The Latin America Travel Company has a team of highly experienced, and passionate South American travel experts waiting to curate your perfect Colombia tour package. Not only do we love Colombia as a destination, but many of our team have personal experience of Colombia vacations, making it easier for customers to build their Colombia holiday packages. When we curate your itinerary for your trip to Colombia, we’ll be as excited as you are!

Contact a friendly member of our team today and start organising your Colombia vacation for 2023. We provide the best Colombia tours with incredibly detailed activity-rich itineraries so that you don’t waste a second of your Colombia luxury tours. Whether you’re going for a week, or a month, you’ll bring back lifelong memories of an incredible country filled with magical cultures, inspirational landscapes, and wonderful people that all helped shape your 2023 trip to Colombia.

Colombia Tours FAQs

Is Colombia a good tourist destination?

Colombia is a fantastic tourist destination for travellers that enjoy adventure and luxury. A trip to Colombia offers the opportunity to see stunning cities like Bogota and Cartagena, as well as tour the Andes mountains or Amazon rainforest. You’ll never find yourself bored and with nothing to do, because the variety of tourist destinations is almost endless.

What is the best month to visit Colombia?

Visiting Colombia between December and March is good if you want to head to the mountains of the Andes while enjoying your tours of Colombia. The weather between these months is generally drier and makes hiking a little easier. September to October tend to be the wetter months, but if you’re planning on heading into the rainforest on your Colombia adventure vacation, given that it's a tropical rainforest, you can experience rain all year round.

How much is a trip to Colombia?

Colombia travel packages can start at around £2000 and you can include plenty of unique excursions in the package price. With so much variety being offered, Colombia tour packages can be tailored to your exact requirements and the final price will depend on what you do while you’re there, and how long you spend doing it.

What can you do in Colombia for a week?

There are a ton of activities that you can do in a week while on a trip to Colombia. There are half-day trips to coffee plantations, 3 or 4-day adventures into the mountain, as well as rainforest and beach tours. You can spend days just wandering around the markets and restaurants in cities like Bogota and Cartagena. A week in Colombia will give you a lifetime of amazing memories to take home with you, so get booked for 2023.

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