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"Unspoiled Caribbean coast, majestic Andean summits and the mysterious Amazon jungle are just a few of the many attractions that Colombia has to offer with all the charms of South America, plus more."

Colombia's equatorial location allows it to enjoy a variety of landscapes that few other countries can match. You can go from the sun-toasted Caribbean sands, to the coffee-strewn hillsides in Zona Cafetera. Bogota is the capital of Colombia, and the third-highest city in the world. A few thousand more meters will bring you to snowcapped peaks and high-altitude lakes, as well as the unique vegetation of the paramo, the high-mountain plains. As the Andes give place to Los Llanos (a 550,000-sq km swathe of tropical grasslands that is shared with Venezuela), the bottom falls out. This area is often called the Serengeti of South America and is always highly popular destination with our Colombia escorted tours.

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The fascinating diversity of cultural and archaeological sites found throughout Colombia is a result of the rich legacy of ancient civilizations. Ciudad Perdida (once the capital of Tayrona), was built in the 11th to 14th centuries. It is arguably the second-oldest city on the continent, after Machu Picchu. San Agustin is equally mythical, with more than 500 life-size, ancient sculpted statues that are approximately 5000 years old. They can be found all over the countryside. Tierradentro is another place that adds mystery to Colombia's history. It contains elaborate underground tombs that were dug out by unknown persons.

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