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"The cluster of volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador called Galapagos were first made famous by Charles Darwin during his epic voyage aboard the Beagle in the 19th Century."

Since then the Galapagos Islands have become famous worldwide for their particularly tame and fearless variety of extraordinary wildlife. Ancient giant tortoises, inquisitive sea lions, marine and land iguanas, dancing waved Albatros, a glittering array of multi coloured birdlife, sea turtles, rays, schools of tropical fish, Galapagos penguin, and fur seals are just some of the rich fauna that can be easily seen on any of our Galapagos boat tours.

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The four inhabited islands were first visited by pirates and have an interesting history of human settlement with a particularly European influence. The 20 islands in total are loosely divided into the Eastern and Western routes, each with designated visitor sites to help protect the natural environment and regulate the number of visitors. Call one of our Galapagos specialists today to begin planning your individual and personalised trip of a lifetime with us.

Map of the Galapagos

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