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From Patagonia’s glaciers in the south to the blistering heat of the sparse arid desert plateaus and its spectacularly powerful geysers. Our awe-inspiring Chile vacation packages offer an astonishing glimpse into the country’s pristine beauty. See the neo-classical city of Santiago on one of our guided Chile tours or the mystical moai statues of Easter Island. A trip to Chile is a life-changing experience that our experts can curate as part of your dream Chile vacation package.

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An Outstanding Collection of 2023 Chile Holiday Packages with Itineraries to Take Your Breath Away

The Latin America Travel Company has a vast selection of Chile holiday packages for 2023, including highly personalised itineraries to create the best vacation in Chile for you! Book with us, and you can customise every aspect of Chile travel tours and ensure that your South American tour to Chile is an unforgettable adventure holiday. Visit Santiago, Easter Island, or the spectacular arid Atacama Desert for a priceless and unique vacation in 2023.

As an industry-leading Chile travel agency, we can curate Chile trip packages to immerse you in the country’s natural wonders or dive head first into Chilean culture with a visit during some of the nation's spectacular festivals. Our bespoke vacations in Chile provide an unparalleled travel experience due to the country's isolated geographical position, including the Pacific coastline and Andes mountain range. Chat with an expert today about our Chile tour packages.

2023 Escorted Chile Tours Expertly Curated with Our Own First-Hand Knowledge

Here at The Latin America Travel Company, we are passionate about South America and have first-hand knowledge and expertise in travelling on tours to Chile. Our personal experience will help you tailor the perfect itinerary for your 2023 guided Chile tour package.
Chile guided tours are a magnificent way to enjoy this unrivalled natural paradise at your pace and away from the crowds. Booking Chile adventure tours through us couldn’t be more straightforward!

Your Chile tour could include a trip to the Pacific coast for a swim at Bahía Inglesa beach north of Santiago, a flight to Easter Island or one of the unmissable Chile adventure tours to the Southern Patagonian Islands and fjords to spot king penguins. Whatever your preferred destination for your 2023 tour to Chile, our personal experience and adoration for the country ensure that we tailor the industry's best Chile vacation packages.

Experience a Spectacular and Diverse Chile with Tailored Made Chile Tour Packages with Inspiring Itineraries

Chile's diversity is truly breathtaking due to how the country is geographically positioned. Our Chile tour packages offer endless options when curating your dream itinerary and planning one of our escorted tours. Chile tours are, for most people, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and an opportunity to turn fantasy into reality, so ensuring your schedule ticks all the boxes before you head for the airport is an essential part of any of the Chile travel packages we tailor.

By speaking to one of our Chile travel agency specialists and giving them a ‘wish list’, they will help you plan your dream Chile travel tour with a comprehensive itinerary inspired by you. As one of the leading Chile tour companies, our only focus is on giving you the most incredible Chile vacation package full of breathtaking natural wonders and cultural immersion, leaving you with lifelong memories.

From the Atacama Desert to Ancient Volcanoes, Chile Guided Tours Offering the Most Diverse Landscape On the Planet

From ancient glacial lakes, snow-capped volcanos, and Andes mountains to Patagonian grasslands and the Atacama desert, Chile guided tours will provide you with some of the world's most diverse landscapes. The best Chile tours can give you a taste of everything during a trip to Chile, and you can do it all at your own pace with a tailor-made Chile tour package itinerary.

Being experienced Chile tour operators with intimate knowledge of vacations in Chile, we can advise and guide you on creating an inspiring travel plan full of the most wonderfully scenic towns and landscapes. We plan Chile vacation tours with you and remove any guesswork or concerns, ensuring you are guaranteed the best vacation in Chile, filled with awe-inspiring natural and cultural encounters.

Chile Luxury Tours That Offer Infinite Possibilities with Itinerary-Packed Chile Vacation Packages

When you start the process of planning Chile luxury tours, the possibilities of accommodation, travel and experiences from your trip to this beautiful country are almost endless. Escorted Chile tour packages need to be attentively organised, ensuring you get the best vacation in Chile possible and have time to do all the unbelievable things you want to do during your incredible vacation in Chile.

Your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Chile with us will have an itinerary full of all the explorations and adventures you want to go on as part of your Chile tour package. You can set the pace at which you’d like to travel on your tour to Chile so that you can enjoy downtime by the pool or beach to recover some energy or go all out and have a new escapade every day of your dream luxury Chile travel tour.

Chile is the World's Top Travel Adventure Destination Find Out Why with Our Guided Chile Adventure Tours

With such a wide variety of Chile adventure tours available, it’s no surprise why this astonishingly beautiful country is so popular amongst those looking for a unique travelling experience. On your Chile vacation, tours could have you cycling through the nation's wine country, taking a trip to Chile’s stunning ancient glaciers, or sandboarding in the desert of San Pedro de Atacama. Whatever you want, vacations in Chile can deliver on every level.

Whether you’re booking your first trip to the region or your tenth, building an itinerary for your Chile travel tour that is comprehensive, gives you peace of mind during your adventures, and gets you on the best Chile tours is imperative. As the world's top destination for adventure travellers, our Chile vacation packages are highly customisable so that you can explore, discover, and soak up the culture and have the best vacation in Chile.

Once In A Lifetime Chile Vacation Packages, You Will Never Forget!

Now is the time to book an unforgettable 2023 adventure vacation to Chile. Travel tours in the country will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression on your memory. A trip to Chile is guaranteed to bestow adventure-filled experiences, and booking with one of the industries leading Chile tour companies is a surefire way of getting yourself on the dream South American holiday and Chile vacation package of a lifetime.

A trip to the world's fourth-largest continent by size is something you may only ever do once, so getting the Chile vacation package that hits the mark is where you’ll need the assistance and experience of a top Chile travel agency. We build the best Chile vacation packages for your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Chile that will unquestionably imprint long-lasting memories of a truly majestic and special place.

Leading Chile Tour Operator Offering Chile Holiday Packages with Unique Itineraries

The Latin American Travel Company are a dedicated and passionate industry leader, and we are devoted to creating the best Chile vacation packages available. Each trip to Chile we arrange for our customers has its unique itinerary tailored to produce the best vacation in Chile and offer the highest quality experience above and beyond what is obtainable by any other Chile tour operators.

Chile holiday packages can include a monumental display of options when looking at different destinations and activities for your curated Chile tour. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ holiday package. As a top Chile travel agency, we want you to have the experience of a lifetime with an itinerary that is unique to you. We will ensure the schedule fulfils your preferences whilst you travel in such an incredibly stunning and diverse part of South America on your once-in-a-lifetime vacation in Chile.

Interested in a Chile Travel Package? Speak to the Expert Chile Tour Operator Today!

The Latin America Travel Company has an unrivalled selection of Chile travel packages that can be tailor-made for your trip to Chile in 2023. We are an enthusiastic team of South American fanatics passionate about customer service. Our first-hand experience of the Chile tour destinations we offer ensures we curate the best Chile vacation packages.

With the incredible variety of experiences to be marvelled at on a trip to Chile, our Chile travel agency experts will work with you and fine-tune your dream, once-in-a-lifetime Chile guided tours so that you have an adventure you’ll never forget. So, in short, our attention to a customer's brief, passion for the country, local contacts, and enthusiasm for turning fantasy into reality all add up to The Latin America Travel Company being one of the leading Chile tour operators. Chat with one of our team today and get planning for 2023!

Tours To Chile and Chile Vacation Package FAQs

How long do I need for a tour of Chile?

We think it goes without saying that, but with such a vast country like Chile, you could spend many weeks, if not months travelling and adding new attractions to your itinerary. But a two-week stay is a solid amount of time for escorted tours. Chile is a marvellous country and a fourteen-day adventure will give you plenty of time to move around and enjoy several magnificent destinations without rushing your Chile tour.

What is the best time of the year to book a Chile holiday package?

December to February are the summer months in Chile and will give you the best overall conditions to travel around and enjoy many of the spectacular sights offered as a part of a Chile holiday package. The summer in the country sees temperatures of between 60F- 90F and is great whether you’re stargazing, enjoying the beaches, or exploring.

Are your escorted tours in Chile safe?

Chile and Uruguay are considered the safest country in South America. Chile travel packages are very safe for tourists as the country welcomes foreigners and has a very low crime rate. The Chilean people are super friendly from the north to the south, and as long as you travel responsibly, there are no issues to be concerned about.

Why is the Latin America Travel Company the top Chile travel agency in the UK?

Everyone at The Latin America Travel Company is passionate about the continent of South America. We have personal experience of travelling to the countries we book packages in, and we have a unique insight into what works well when curating itineraries. We feel a personal connection with what our customers are trying to achieve when arranging a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, making us the top Chile Travel agency.

How much do your Chile tour packages cost?

Our Chile tour packages start from a little over £1800 for an 11-day self-drive lake district vacation. With our bespoke itineraries, you can create a genuinely one-off holiday package to include all the experiences you want to have, and the price increases accordingly.

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