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"No country in Central America has the diversity of Guatemala with centuries of history and stunning landscapes packed into an easy to get around area."

Tikal's famous pyramids are Guatemala's top tourist attraction. What's not to like about this magnificent monument to Central America’s greatest civilization? Maya villages are still inhabited by traditional Maya dress wearing people celebrating centuries-old culture. Many footprints were left by the Spanish after their colonization of Guatemala. The most prominent being architecture. Antigua is the capital city, and its beautiful plazas are where you will find the most famous evidence of the colonial period. Guatemala's grandiose coffee-boom structures of Quetzaltenango to Guatemala City’s majestic cathedral to the clustering of churches and municipal buildings around central squares, even in the smallest of towns, bear evidence of the rich history.

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It's no surprise that Guatemala has some stunning natural scenery, with only 2% of its landmass being urbanized. The Peten region has many national parks and the Rio Dulce's lush canyons make for a memorable boat ride. For centuries, the natural beauty of Lago de Atitlan, a volcano-ringed area, has attracted travelers. Semuc Champey is the swimming hole that inspired a thousand postcards. You can also dip your toes into the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. For Guatemala adventure tour enthusiasts there are trekking routes through the jungles up to volcanoes, world class white-water rafting and miles of caves to explore. Or you can choose to relax in a hammock and watch life go by!

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