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A trip to Guatemala is something that needs planning right down to the smallest detail and if you’re not familiar with the country, it is prudent to let a company that specialises in Guatemala tours do the hard work for you. The Latin America Travel Company are highly experienced Guatemala tour operators and destination experts for this intriguing corner of the world. Please browse our Guatemala tour packages detailed below to get a taste of what we can deliver for your trip of a lifetime.


7 nights from £ 3,265 / USD 3,920 pp
7 nights from £ 2,705 / USD 3,250 pp


11 nights from £ 4,170 / USD 4,990 pp
14 nights from £ 6,845 / USD 8,220 pp
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Experience Mayan Culture with a Tailor-Made 2024 & 2025 Guatemala Vacation Itinerary

Guatemala possesses a rich Mayan culture and history that has yet to be really discovered by mainstream tourists, making a Guatemala vacation a really special trip. Our selection of Guatemala vacations and tours are led by local guides, ensuring you experience a myriad of Mayan culture that others will never see. A Guatemala holiday is much more than a holiday; it’s a trip back in time to an ancient civilisation and a journey of discovery. Book your Guatemala vacation package with the experts at The Latin America Travel Company and live the past.

When you book with The Latin America Travel Company, you take the lead when it comes to getting exactly what you want from your time away. Our Guatemala vacation packages can be customised to your exact requirements. Feel free to explore the jewels of the country, put your suggestions to us, and we’ll come up with some tours to Guatemala from which to choose from. Trips to Guatemala have never been so flexible! Customise our Guatemala travel packages to suit you, and speak to us today.

Witness the Spirit of Guatemala, From Ancient Mayan Pyramids To Stunning Rainforests with a Guided Guatemala Guided Tour

Tours in Guatemala are not just centred on the Mayan culture, there are a whole host of other sights and experiences including stunning rainforests and ample opportunities for adventure. Although most of our Guatemala guided tours are centred on the ancient culture including of course the Mayan Pyramids, many people are taking a keen interest in our jungle tours in Guatemala which, like the rest of our Guatemala adventure tours, are led by local and highly experienced guides.

Guatemala hiking tours are also well worth considering if you're the type of person who likes to get up and personal with the great outdoors. If Guatemala trip packages with a good sprinkling of adventure are your thing, just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen! As previously mentioned, all our Guatemala escorted tours are fully customisable so why not combine culture with adventure and make it a trip to really remember, you might even want to check out the Guatemala wildlife tours we offer and add an element of that to your itinerary as well.

Embrace the Sights, Colors, and Sounds of this Extraordinary Country with Our Private Guatemala Tour Packages

The most intimate and fulfilling way to visit an unfamiliar country is privately and our Guatemala private tours deliver just that. Whether you’re looking at Guatemala family tours or simply looking at the Guatemala luxury vacations we offer, you can be assured of the undivided personal attention that only a private tour can deliver. All our small and Guatemala group tours are intimate in nature and enable our guests to fully embrace the sights, colours and sounds of the country in a way that simply isn't possible within a random group setting.

Whether you're looking at family tours in Guatemala with your nearest and dearest or luxury tours in Guatemala to spend with friends, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when you book with The Latin America Travel Company. Our private Guatemala vacation tours set the benchmark for tours in this country, something you will surely notice from the moment you step foot in this magical country and meet your guide.

Looking For A Truly Tailored Experience? We Have The Perfect Guatemala Luxury Vacation For You!

A luxury vacation is so much more than having designer pillows in your hotel; it’s about the experience as a whole. When you browse our luxury tours in Guatemala you cannot fail to notice that every single element of our Guatemala holiday packages has been thought about in detail. We don’t just talk about luxury Guatemala sightseeing tours we actually deliver to exceed guest expectations each and every time. Just as we attend to every detail considering the Guatemala guided tours we offer, so should you. Don’t leave anything to chance; speak to The Latin America Travel Company before you speak to anyone else.

Not all travel tours in Guatemala are created equal, so some due diligence prior to booking is absolutely essential. Here at The Latin America Travel Company, we positively welcome any questions regarding our Guatemala tours and will answer any query to your full satisfaction. In order to create a fully tailored Guatemala vacation, guest input and suggestions need to be taken onboard, and our Guatemala holiday experts do just that.

From Exploring Mayan Cities, Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Caves, And Waterfalls, Our Guatemala Adventure Tour Itineraries Rock!

Although, as Guatemala tour operators, we may be a little biased, we can truly say that Guatemala is a land of almost infinite wonders. Depending on which of our Guatemala adventure tours you select, you can experience everything the country has to offer, from Mayan cities, volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs, caves and everything in between. From hiking to jungle tours, Guatemala has absolutely everything the intrepid adventurer could want and a lot more besides. Why not check out our Guatemala wildlife tours as well? Trust us; it’s worth it.

The adventure-laden Guatemala tour packages we offer are by no means just suited to explorers, even our family tours in Guatemala can be laced with adventurous activities if required. We pride ourselves on catering to a diverse demographic, so no matter if you’re looking at Guatemala luxury vacations or hiking trips, our tours to Guatemala can be tailored for you.

Discover Culinary Traditions and Absorb Rich Mayan History with Our Curated Guatemala Holiday Packages

For many people on their holidays, sampling the local food is a highlight and our Guatemala vacations give the opportunity to taste whatever you like! From the famous Tapado to the traditional flavours of Garnachas, your guide will show you some tantalising treats during your trip to Guatemala. You may have already identified some tasty-looking food online prior to your Guatemala vacation package, so please make a note of the name and let your guide know what you want. All in all, our trips to Guatemala enable you to experience every aspect of life in Guatemala, including the local delicacies!

Of course, Guatemala vacation packages are not just food-focused, you’ll also need to find time to absorb the rich Mayan history that is almost everywhere. Our travel tours in Guatemala are purposely designed to showcase the best of the country and leave an indelible memory of your Guatemala holiday. If you’re looking for the best tours in Guatemala that money can buy, look no further than The Latin America Travel Company.

Once In A Lifetime, Timeless Guatemala Escorted Tour Itineraries

For the vast majority of people, a trip to Guatemala is something that they will only do once, so it makes sense to do it properly. All our Guatemala escorted tours offer itineraries that will captivate and intrigue even the most seasoned of travellers. When building itineraries for our Guatemala travel packages, we do so with the guest in mind in order to create a Guatemala tour that will be savoured for a lifetime at least!

In common with Mayan culture, our Guatemala group tours offer an almost timeless version of Guatemala. For example, the Guatemala hiking tours we facilitate showcase a landscape that hasn't changed for thousands, if not millions, of years. The Mayan history and monuments featured on our Guatemala private tours have also not changed in 1000’s of years, enabling our guests to actually see and feel history rather than just read about it. To experience the same Mayan culture as the Mayans did years before, consider the Guatemala holiday packages from The Latin America Travel Company.

Speak To Our Experts For Advice On The Best Travel Tours Guatemala Offers!

Although our Guatemala vacation tours are very competitive, we believe we offer excellent value for money right across the board. If you want the best selection of Guatemala trip packages from a team that values guest satisfaction above all else, call and speak to one of our Guatemala sightseeing tours experts today. From advice on the most suitable Guatemala family tours based on age to the best places for hiking, our specialists have all the answers.

If you’d like more information about any of our Guatemala vacations, all you need to do is get in touch. Our Guatemala guided tours can be contacted by phone during regular business hours or by e-mail at any time. Some of our Guatemala private tours may be better taken during certain months, our advisors will be able to let you know; however, that said, any time of year is a great time for a Guatemala holiday!

Interested In A Guatemala Trip Package? Speak To Our Guatemala Tour Specialists Today!

So you have a few dates in mind, and you’ve taken a look at some of the Guatemala holiday packages available from The Latin America Travel Company. It’s time to give us a call and take the first steps in booking that Guatemala tour you’ve been dreaming of. We understand it can be hard to select from the vast array of Guatemala tours available, but we’re here to help! Pick up the phone and call our experienced Guatemala vacation specialists today.

It’s worth bearing in mind that some seasons are more suitable than others for tours to Guatemala so consider this before booking any time off work. Although we operate our Guatemala tour packages year-round, we are sure to mention any weather conditions that may affect your Guatemala vacation itinerary. To find out the best times of year for certain activities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our travel tours in Guatemala specialists, who will be happy to provide guidance.

Guatemala Tours FAQs

Is Guatemala worth visiting?

The answer to this question is a massive yes! What makes it even more of a place worth visiting is the fact that it isn't overrun by tourists or fallen victim to mass development. The climate, although tropical, varies greatly between the lowlands and coastal plains and the cooler highlands, making it an all-year-round destination. Our Guatemala vacations can be tailored to your exact requirements and you can see as little or as much of the country as you want - from ancient ruins to jaw dropping rainforest and mountain vistas, a well planned and organised trip to Guatemala is definitely worth your time and money.

How many weeks is best for a Guatemala vacation?

Now this question is a tricky one. With so much to do and see, you'll need to plan your Guatemala vacation with precision. We’d recommend spending at least 10-12 days in country as this timeframe will allow you to acclimatise and see the jewels of the country on a short but fulfilling Guatemala holiday. If you wish to see all the main sights and perhaps take advantage of our Guatemala wildlife tours or at least an element of a wildlife tour, it is best to book a longer trip.

How much are your Guatemala tour packages?

The prices of our Guatemala tour packages vary and this is because of various factors that come into play. The most significant factor affecting the pricing of our Guatemala holiday packages is of course the duration, in most cases a 12 day tour will cost less than a 21 day tour. Other factors affecting the price of any Guatemala vacation is the number of places you wish to visit, as transportation costs between sights need to be taken into account. One more element that needs to be mentioned that will affect the overall price is the level of luxury you require, it’s your holiday so your choice! If you have a budget in mind for your Guatemala tour please tell one our specialists and they will present you with a series of options.

What's the best month to book one of your Guatemala private tours?

Due to the favourable climate we are able to offer Guatemala trip packages throughout the year. Certain parts of the country offer a spring like climate year round, whilst the highlands has lower temperatures with the lowlands and coastal plains the warmest places. For further in-depth information regarding the weather on your preferred times of travel please contact one of our Guatemala private tours specialists by phone or email.

What can I see when on a Guatemala tour?

This is a very condensed list of the must see sights included on some or all of our Guatemala guided tours. This selection is by no means exhaustive and includes Tikal National Park, (Mayan ruins) Semuc Champey, La Antigua, Pacaya Volcano, Rainforests (said to cover approximately 31% of the country) and much more. Our Guatemala tour specialists will be more than happy to make further recommendations and suggestions on request.

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