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Discover a world jam-packed full of adventure, spectacular scenery, stunning wildlife and rainforests with our unique Costa Rica adventure tours. Choose one of our Costa Rica adventure vacation packages, and ensure that your hard-earned vacation gets filled with unique and exciting experiences. You’re guaranteed to enjoy one of the finest Costa Rica adventure vacations available anywhere. Immerse yourself fully in the beauty of this magical country, and book your Costa Rica adventure holiday with us today.

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Book a 2023 Costa Rica Adventure Tour Today for the Adventure of a Lifetime

We provide the best Costa Rica adventure tours money can buy, with a quality of service unsurpassed by our competitors. We tailor detailed itineraries for all our Costa Rica adventure tour packages that ensure you get the best experiences money can buy. We specialise in bespoke Costa Rica adventure trips that guarantee you enjoy the beauty and splendour of this magnificent country. If you want to experience this unmissable opportunity, to see a country most people can only dream of. Our Costa Rica family adventure vacations are laden with unmissable scenery and experiences.

With personalised itinerary-rich Costa Rica adventure vacation packages on offer, experience diverse and wondrous sights and sounds that are simply unforgettable. Costa Rice adventure holidays offer wildlife fanatics the chance to observe the sloths and white-faced capuchin monkeys at Manuel Antonio National Park. In contrast, adrenaline seekers can fly high over the verdant jungles of Costa Rica with zipline activities on your Costa Rica adventure travel. With our expertly curated Costa Rica adventure trips, you’ll discover every breathtaking wonder this country contains.

Looking for an Endless Thrill? We Curate the Finest Adventure Vacations Costa Rica has to offer!

What sets us apart from other Costa Rica adventure tour companies? We've got you covered if you seek adventure and thrills as part of your Costa Rica adventure tour package. Whether kayaking, whitewater rafting or surfing the waves in La Fortuna. Our expertise honed through years of providing quality adventure vacations, Costa Rica-based services to thrill-seekers from every corner of the globe will ensure you get kept entertained once any of our Costa Rica adventure trips begin.

Our dedication to providing the best Costa Rica family adventure holidays stems from our decades-long experience in this industry and an ingrained love of Costa Rica adventure travel. If like us, you crave adventure, you should put aside any hesitations and leave it to the experts. Our adventure packages, Costa Rica, offer jammed-packed itineraries that’ll take you on an unforgettable journey. Go on an expertly curated Costa Rica adventure vacation, and let us design it specifically for you.

Experience Volcanoes, Rain Forests and Kayaking with an Exciting Costa Rica Adventure Holiday

Spend your Costa Rica adventure tour kayaking through the many rivers of Costa Rica while soaking up its natural beauty. Whether a whitewater rafting expert or new to the sport, Costa Rica adventure vacations has options for everybody! Home to 14 different river systems, rafters have many options to choose from, and our carefully curated Costa Rica adventure trips will help you find the one that best suits you and your family. Bask in the multi-sensory experience of the rainforests on our Costa Rica adventure tour packages.

Costa Rica is home to Arenal Volcano, a must-see on your adventure package. Costa Rica offers a variety of ways to experience this phenomenon. View Arena Volcano via trekking trails or zip-wire, or relax by Lake Arenal at the Volcanoes base. We offer the best Costa Rica adventure tour packages that ensure you experience the beauty and exhilaration of this unique country on our tailored Costa Rica family adventure tours.

Off the Beaten Path, Costa Rica Adventure Vacations with a Plethora of Outdoor Activities

Costa Rica is unique in its diversity of adventure, wildlife and tranquility, and we customise every adventure tour. Costa Rica vacations get meticulously planned to ensure you experience all of this country’s hidden gems. Our Costa Rica luxury adventure tours aim to provide an experience befitting our clientele, so when booking Costa Rica adventure trips, you choose what you want and let us work out the details. We promise to deliver the best quality itinerary for your Costa Rica adventure tour package.

What differentiates us from other Costa Rica adventure tour companies is the sheer variety of activities we offer. You’re sure never to get bored if you choose one of our Costa Rica family adventure vacations. One of our many Costa Rica adventure travel options is Manuel Antonio; it offers surfing, kayaking and hiking and beautiful walks for you to enjoy. Book one of our Costa Rica adventure tours, and we guarantee you experience a high-quality and unique experience like no other.

Costa Rica Adventure Travel at Its Finest with a Huge Selection of Costa Rica Adventure Tour Packages

Widely renowned as one of the leading purveyors of adventure trips. Costa Rica adventure tours packages organised by us ensure you’ll experience all that Costa Rica has to offer. We take your happiness as seriously as you do and aim to allow you to experience the best adventure tours. Costa Rica packages are curated in the best way possible, giving you luxurious Costa Rica adventure holidays to remember.

We offer Costa Rica family adventure holidays expertly tailored to fit the wants and needs of your vacation. We thrive on customer satisfaction and provide bespoke adventure trips, Costa Rica family vacations, and adrenaline-fueled activities. Book one of our Costa Rica adventure vacation packages today and discover every sensory-rich experience this amazing country offers. Our unique adventure holidays, Costa Rica-wide, will provide you with memories you will never replicate.

From Deserted Beaches to Ziplining Across a Forest Canopy, Our Costa Rica Adventure Tour Packages Have It All

Within the scope of our Costa Rica luxury adventure tours, we cater to your group's more passive members. Costa Rica adventure tour packages allow you to revel in the beauty of the deserted beaches lined with palm trees and volcanic sand, set against the backdrop of tropical rainforests. Our high-quality Costa Rica family adventure vacations accommodate everyone. We can help you choose which remarkable coastline you would like to explore on your Costa Rica adventure holidays.

A Costa Rica adventure tour has something for every beachgoer, from fun-filled resorts to serene, isolated white coves. What would the best Costa Rica adventure tours be without us ensuring you will get the experience of a lifetime? When you finish soaking up the fantastic beach views, you can dive back into high-octane thrill-seeking by ziplining across the forest canopy on your adventure tour. Costa Rica is a country that will fill you with memories and joy when you travel on our Costa Rica adventure vacations!

Enjoy Costa Rica Adventure Vacations Which Are Suitable For The Whole Family

With our personalised adventure packages, Costa Rica will be a destination that your whole family will enjoy. A Costa Rica adventure tour package can get designed to keep everyone in the family happy. With our curated Costa Rica Family adventure tours, you and your family will receive the highest quality service and unsurpassed attention to detail from start to finish on your Costa Rica adventure travel.

On our adventure trips, Costa Rica will keep you busy with activities everyone can enjoy. Explore the beautiful national parks and observe the sloths, beautiful blossoming flowers and swinging vines. Our Costa Rica luxury adventure tours offer a perfect combination of stimulation and relaxation for the entire family. Book one of the best Costa Rica adventure tours available anywhere.

From Cycling To Trekking, We Curate Costa Rica Adventure Holiday Experiences Everyone Enjoys

With the best Costa Rica adventure holiday, you can enjoy the stunning views by cycling along the Las Catalina trail or other bike-friendly routes on your adventure tours. Costa Rica has terrific cycling routes to be enjoyed on your adventure package. Costa Rica is a blissful country, and cycling is a superb way to experience stunning landscapes. Discover the hidden gems and learn about the country's culture on our bespoke adventure tours; Costa Rica does have it all!

If you prefer walking on your adventure holidays, Costa Rica has beautiful trail walks nestled in this picturesque land. Hike through the rainforests to Burrito Waterfall or bask in the beauty of the country’s magnificent cloud forests on our adventure trips. Costa Rica offers hikes up volcanoes, or you can explore hidden waterfalls. Our meticulously curated Costa Rica luxury adventure tours guarantee you experience all the beauty and adventure this wonderful country offers.

Interested in a Costa Rica Adventure Vacation? Speak to Our Costa Rica Adventure Tour Specialists Today!

With our personalised Costa Rica adventure tour packages, you can be sure to embark on the best South American adventure trips. Costa Rica will offer you eye-catching scenery and exceptional wildlife through our guided private tours that are tailor-made for you! Observe sleepy sloths, cheeky monkeys and squealing toucans in their natural habitats. Book your exclusive Costa Rica adventure tour package with us and invest in yourself with an unforgettable 2023 trip!

If you are an adrenaline junkie seeking adventure or simply looking to relax and enjoy exceptional views, Costa Rica adventure tours have something for everyone. You will be spoiled for choice when researching the Costa Rica adventure tour companies. So why choose us? Our Costa Rica adventure holidays guarantee you experience customised adventure packages. Costa Rica tours are all-encompassing and unique, ensuring our Costa Rica adventure trips are a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Adventure Tours Costa Rica FAQs

What adventures can you do in Costa Rica?

The best thing about our tailor-made adventure vacations, Costa Rica packages, is your abundance of choices. Our company offers itinerary-rich packages for your Costa Rica adventure holiday to satisfy every holiday-goer. If you want to take your family on a lifetime trip, we offer Costa Rica family adventure tours that are hand-curated to entertain the entire family. Our expertly curated Costa Rica adventure vacations are suitable for everyone. From solo travel to group bookings, we have you covered!

How many days do you need to spend on a Costa Rica adventure vacation?

With so many amazing things to see and experience, you can enjoy a jam-packed week-long trip with our tailor-made Costa Rica adventure vacation. You can choose to extend your trip, wind down from all the adventure and bask in the beauty of the tranquil beaches and shorelines. At The Latin America Travel Company, we create customised Costa Rica adventure vacation packages catered specifically to you so you don’t miss out on any of these remarkable experiences.

What should you not miss on a Costa Rica adventure tour?

The beauty of Costa Rica is the diversity of things to experience. Choose the holiday that appeals to you for your Costa Rica adventure travel. Experience the magnificent cloud forests, zipline through the jungle, or relax on the beach, taking in the cacophony of sounds made by the diverse wildlife. Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, our Costa Rica adventure tours open the door to an oasis of pristine shorelines and captivating beauty that are truly unmissable.

How much do your adventure packages in Costa Rica cost?

A Costa Rica adventure tour package will start at approximately £2,000. The price will rise accordingly depending on the desired length of your stay and itinerary.
With our company, you can be sure of getting the best Costa Rica adventure tours package bursting with fun and adventure. Book with one of the leading Costa Rica adventure tours companies that guarantee high-quality service, authenticity and diversity.

What is the best time to go on a Costa Rica adventure tour?

You can enjoy Costa Rica adventure holidays at any time of the year. The country is at its driest from December to April. We recommend visiting during the season change of June or November when the beautiful National Parks tend to be quieter. It’s worth noting that Costa Rica is tropical, so expect heavy rainfall all year round. This element contributes to the country’s uniqueness, so don’t be stressed about it and embrace the natural beauty of the climate on your Costa Rica adventure tour.

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