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Have you ever dreamt about going on a Patagonia road trip, and soaking up the sights and sounds up for grabs from this incredible part of South America? Setting out on a picturesque Argentina self-drive tour or any of our breathtaking Chile driving holidays offers a guarantee of adventure and intrigue. Patagonia self-drive give you the opportunity to go off the beaten track and truly explore one of the shining lights of the continent under your own steam.

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Extraordinary Tailor-Made Self Drive Patagonia Tours Across Argentina and Chile

Argentine Patagonia is vast and deciding to explore this incredible region on a self-drive Patagonia tour is an option full of endless possibilities to delve into and enjoy. Because the territory is quite simply, enormous, your Patagonia self-drive vacation can be tailored specifically to your wants and needs by curating the perfect Argentina road trip itinerary. Every Argentina self-drive vacation can be customised, allowing you to move around at your own pace and take in the sights.

Moving into Chilean Patagonia, which is smaller, you’ll have plenty of time to see all that the land offers on our Chile self-drive tours. Taking a Chile driving holiday will provide some astonishing inherent wonders, creating experiences and memories that will last forever. Whether it’s Argentina, Chile, or both, Patagonia driving holidays are quite simply a spectacular way to really traverse this part of the world and leave you wanting to book your next Patagonia self-drive tour as soon as you get home.

Patagonia Road Trip Itinerary Selection that Unlocks Mountains, Glaciers, Deep-Blue Lakes, Dense Forests, and Volcanoes

Patagonia driving vacations offer some truly unique and special adventures that you just can’t get on any other road trip. Patagonia is home to two lake districts, one in Argentina, and one in Chile. Your Argentina road trip could take you through the hippie enclave of El Bolsón, or the fly-fishing capital Junín de los Andes, or you could cruise through some of the spectacular higher-altitude spots within the Andes on your Patagonia self-drive holiday.

If Chile is on your Patagonia road trip itinerary, you’ll be spoilt for choice with breathtaking deep blue lakes and resort towns that offer plenty of accommodation, from high-priced lodges to budget places to stay during your Chile self-drive holiday. Your Chile road trip itinerary could also take in a recently discovered active volcano known as “Gran Mate” or the temperate Andean Patagonian Forests, the most southerly forests on earth, during your Patagonia road trip tour.

Have a Real Adventure with a Road Trip Through Patagonia with Our Argentina and Chile Self Drive Tours

For all of those that like to travel and flourish when faced with a new and exciting adventure, a road trip through Patagonia has got to be at the top of the list. You’ll have the freedom to jump in your 4x4 and go in whatever direction you choose to seek new experiences from a self-drive Argentina or Chile vacation. This corner of Soth America has an endless stream of excursions for you to navigate on a Patagonia road trip tour.

Venture into the lake district on your Patagonia driving tours and explore the stunning alpine villages, lush green forests, and iridescent lakes during your Chile and Argentina driving holidays. This region offers spectacular hiking opportunities, allowing you to pause your Patagonia road trip tour and stretch your legs in the fresh alpine air. Whatever your heart desires, a road trip through Patagonia can provide the excitement and thrills even the most seasoned adventurer could wish for.

Experience the Real Chile and Argentina with Itinerary Packed Off the Beaten Track Patagonia Self Drive Tours

The Latin America Travel Company has been perfecting our itinerary curation for many years, and we can provide you with all the unique Patagonia driving tours excursions you could possibly want. A road trip through Chile and Argentina will see you getting away from the usual hustle and bustle of tourist destinations, and get you off the beaten track, where you can discover the real heart of both countries on your Chile and Argentina road trip.

Get away from the norm on a self-drive Patagonia trip along Patagonia’s Carretera Austral and explore a multitude of attractions and activities on your way from Chile to Argentina on your Patagonia self-drive tour. Visit the incredible Marble Caves or the General Carrera Lake, or be blown away by the Perito Moreno glacier, and then relax and enjoy a glass of something special in the Maipo wine valley near Santiago on your road trip through Patagonia.

Unique Chile Road Trip and Argentina Self Drive Tour Itineraries That You won't Find Elsewhere!

Every adventurous traveller that touches down in South America for a Patagonia self-drive tour has different expectations of what would make the perfect Patagonia road trip.
The tailor-made itinerary service that we provide for you as a customer allows you to design your self-drive Argentina and Chile trip to give you every activity, excursion, and experience you could ever wish to have while taking your once-in-a-lifetime Patagonia self-drive tour.

Because you have total freedom when curating your road trip through Patagonia, you won’t miss a single thing when you're making your way along the famous 1200-kilometre Carretera Austral through Chile and Argentina. A uniquely engineered itinerary guarantees you the best road trip Chile or Argentina can provide and that you’ll go home at the end of your South American adventure revitalised and with mind-blowing memories of your Patagonia self-drive vacation.

Try an Argentina Self Drive Holiday or Chile Driving Vacations and Soak Up the Unique Culture Patagonia Offers

Going on a Chile and Argentina road trip is a fantastic way to get your feet on the ground and discover true Patagonia with its spectacular vistas and varied cultures. On your Argentina and Chile road trip you’ll have countless opportunities to stop along the long and winding Carretera Austral and soak up the local Patagonian culture that will include the Indigenous Peoples, Chilean gauchos, and wonderful dining experiences as a part of your Patagonia road trip itinerary.

Argentina and Chile driving vacations allow you the freedom to explore at a pace that suits you and you don't even need to feel rushed or hurried. Because you’ll have curated the itinerary for your road trip through Chile and Argentina, you’ll be doing the things you want to do and can spend as much time as you wish diving into the Patagonian culture on your journey. Patagonia driving vacations truly offer any intrepid adventurer to chance of a lifetime to explore this magical wilderness.

Our Patagonia Driving Holiday Experts Guarantee the Best Road Trips in Chile and Argentina You Can Experience

The Latin America Travel Company team is made up of passionate travellers who know exactly how to curate perfectly crafted, unique, vacation experiences. Many of the team have been on Argentina and Chile self-drive holidays and know the destinations along the route. Over the years, we have built up many contacts in the region that help us to curate the Argentina and Chile road trip of your dreams with a personalised Patagonia road trip itinerary.

Because we are impassioned about South America, we get excited when our customers start planning their Patagonia road trip and we can help proficiently organise the best Patagonia driving tours full of exploration and adventure. Our experts guarantee you the ultimate Chile and Argentina driving vacations from an incredible road trip. Patagonia, Argentina and Chile tours will leave a permanent stamp on your memory that never fades.

Argentina Driving Vacations and Chile Driving Holidays Tailored to Your Driving Requirements, Wants, and Needs

Embarking on a Patagonia road trip is an exhilarating time and something most people will only ever dream of actually doing. But, in reality, it takes plenty of time and planning to craft an itinerary that unites all of your wants and needs from a road trip through Patagonia. Chile and Argentina driving holidays are a pleasure for our team to plan for our customers, knowing they will have the holiday of a lifetime.

We will tailor your Chile and Argentina road trip itinerary so that you can take the tour at a speed that suits you. You’ll be able to spend the time you want, stopping to see what you want and taking it all in. You can self-drive Patagonia, have a unique one-off vacation, and get all the experiences you want from a personalised schedule when you take your Chile and Argentina self-drive holiday.

Interested in a Patagonia Self Drive Vacation? Speak to Our Patagonia Self Drive Tour Experts Today!

Are you interested in creating an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime Patagonia self-drive vacation? The Latin America Travel Company team are waiting to hear from you so that they can start to craft your 2024 Argentina and Chile self-drive holiday. Driving in Argentina and Chile is a wonderfully unique way to explore the Patagonian regions of both countries and soak up the sights, sounds, and incredible cultures offered by this South American jewel.

Our Chile and Argentina driving tours experts will guide you into creating the most spectacular one-off Patagonia self-drive vacation that will allow you to pick up your 4x4 vehicle and head off on a journey. Your Patagonia road trip tour could take you to all the picturesque and breathtaking destinations along the 1200 km Carretera Austral.
Contact our team about your Patagonia road trip itinerary today, and prepare yourself for the best Patagonia road trip ever!

Patagonia Self Drive Tours FAQs

Can you self-drive in Patagonia?

Absolutely! Self-driving through Patagonia is an incredible way to see this region of South America. You’ll need to check out what the driving license requirements are, but once that gets sorted, you can fly into either Chile or Argentina, pick up your hire car and get underway on your Patagonia self-drive holiday.

How many days do you need for an Argentina self drive holiday?

This all depends on how you want to create your Patagonia road trip itinerary. Because you can create your own schedule for your tour, and drive at your own pace, it’s ultimately up to you. We would think that spending 10-14 days on a road trip through Patagonia is a good amount of time to explore and visit plenty of destinations without rushing.

What are the main highlights of a Patagonia road trip itinerary?

The beauty of crafting a personalised itinerary is that you can see the things you want because it’s your schedule. A Patagonia self-drive tour could take you to some spectacular alpine villages up in the lake district of either Argentina or Chile, or you have the snow-capped Andes mountain range that would be a highlight for most travellers.

What is the best month to make a road trip through Chile?

Taking a self-drive road trip in Chile and Argentina is best done during the summer months. This is between September and March when the weather is warmer and the days are longer, making it ideal for driving and travelling long distances.

Is it safe to do a Patagonia road trip?

Patagonia is very rural and considered one of the safest places anywhere in South America. Chile and Argentina driving holidays can see you drive long distances and with very little traffic on the roads, and the indigenous people are incredibly kind and generous.

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