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When is the Best Time To Visit Mexico?

Mexico's dry season, which is between December and April, is the best time to travel there in general as there is almost no rain. Although temperatures are typically at 28 degrees Celsius during dry season, December to February are the coolest months. The south's wet season starts in May and continues until October. The increased humidity is usually cleared by heavy rains during this time. Hurricane season runs from June through November and can affect the Caribbean coast. That said, Mexico is a large country and the weather can vary by season and region. It is worth looking at the weater averages for destinations you want to visit.

Climate During a trip to Mexico in January & February

The dry season in most of Mexico is January and February. This time of year technically falls in mid-winter but the country is still warm and pleasant for beach time or exploring. To see the whales in Baja California, you should visit January through to March.

Is March & April a good time to Visit Mexico?

The last months of dry season are March and April. Temperatures rise and make for a great time to relax on the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexico City and its surrounding colonial villages are good to visit at this time.

Should I be Visiting Mexico in May and June?

May is a hot month in Mexico. It marks the beginning of Mexico's rainy season. However, rains tend to sstart from the south and then slowly creep northwards over time. Although the rains are most noticeable in June, they often come in the form of afternoon thunderstorms. The country experiences high temperatures and humidity.

Visiting Mexico during the height of the rains in July

July is Mexico's main rainy season. However, showers are rare and usually arrive in the afternoon. This shouldn't impact your plans for touring. It is a hot month, ideal for beach-lovers. This time of year, the Mayan Riviera is perfect. Rain showers cool the heat and make the evenings more pleasant. The temperatures in Mexico City's inland areas are still cooler.

Is it a good idea to visit Mexico in August & September?

Due to the rains in August and September this time is considered low season throughout the country. The rains become heavier, especially on the Pacific Coast where it's almost monsoon-like. This is also the middle of the hurricane season. The country experiences high temperatures, but the interior is generally cooler.

October in Mexico is the shoulder season

Officially, this month is the end of the rainy season. However, there are still high temperatures, heavy rains, and humid conditions throughout most of the country.

Is November a good month to visit Mexico?

This month is a good time to visit most Mexican destinations. Although the rains have not ceased, they are less frequent and days are still hot. The crowds that arrive later in December have yet to arrive. Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations take place on the 1st of November. It is a time when deceased relatives and friends are honored. You can expect candles, music, and elaborately decorated skull-shaped masks.

Visiting Mexico in December & Christmas & New Year?

The weather is generally pleasant and dry in Mexico during December, which is also a popular month to travel to Mexico. You should plan your travel well ahead of time, as it can be very busy at Christmas and New Year.

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