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Casa Mojanda ● Otavalo ● Ecuador

Casa Mojanda is a unique mountainside lodge created in 1990 by an American couple who fell in love with the area. The hotel was constructed by them from scratch and features several independent cottages spread along the hillside as well as a main lodge and separate houses for families. The lodge was built with minimal impact on the surrounding environment and the design is in keeping with the local Andean traditions. It is constructed with terracotta bricks, adobe and stucco walls.
β€œCasa Mojanda is a homely mountainside inn where guests are welcomed in and treated with warm hospitality.”
The cottages are decorated with pieces of local art and furniture made of the local cedar wood. The lodge provides breakfast and dinner which are served family style around the table. The home cooked food here is excellent highlighting local ingredients such as potatoes, quinoa and wheat. It is located about an hour’s hike from the centre of Otavalo where you can visit the market. Other facilities include gardens, nature trails and an outdoor hot tub.

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