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El Albergue ● Sacred Valley ● Peru

El Albergue was originally built in 1925 by the railway company as the Ollantaytambo train station hotel. In 1970 it was taken over by the family that currently own and manage it. The rooms are decorated in a simple and minimal style but the dark wood floors and furnishings make them feel cosy and comfortable. The immaculate gardens of fuchsia, passionflower, peach and avocado trees attract many different types of hummingbirds that can often be seen feeding on the flowers.
"A wonderful little family run hotel with their own organic farm and strong community and environmental values."
The hotel operates their own organic farm, a comprehensive recycling program to reduce waste and heat their water by solar power. The intimate and candlelit restaurant offers dishes prepared with fresh produce that has been picked the same day from the farm for an authentic farm to table experience. Guests can visit the farm, learn about the hotel’s sustainability practices and participate in a traditional pachamanca lunch. There is also a rustic outdoor sauna and an on site distillery.

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