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Mama Hilda ● Chugchilan ● Ecuador

Mama Hilda is a charming guesthouse located in the village of Chugchilan, Ecuador. Situated in the scenic Andean highlands, this cozy accommodation offers a warm and authentic experience for visitors seeking a peaceful retreat amidst nature. Mama Hilda is known for its hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, providing a home away from home for travellers. Guests at Mama Hilda can choose from a range of comfortable rooms, each uniquely decorated with local artwork and traditional furnishings. The guesthouse offers a cozy common area with a fireplace, where visitors can relax and unwind after a day of exploring the beautiful surroundings.

Chugchilan is a perfect base for outdoor enthusiasts, as it is surrounded by stunning landscapes and hiking trails. Guests can embark on adventurous treks to explore the nearby Quilotoa crater lake, visit indigenous communities, and experience the breathtaking beauty of the Andes. Mama Hilda also offers delicious home-cooked meals, featuring local ingredients and traditional Ecuadorian flavours. Guests can enjoy authentic dishes while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the guesthouse.

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