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Mashpi Lodge ● Cloud Forest ● Ecuador

Hidden deep within the misty cloud forest in the Chocó region and surrounded by one of the world’s most precious and bio-diverse eco-systems sits Mashpi Lodge. Located in it’s own 1300 hectare private reserve the lodge is powered by hydro-electricity and contributes to the protection of the surrounding environment through working closely with it’s local community and funding scientific research projects in the area. This has led to exciting discoveries such as a new species of tree frog. The imposing, super modern structure of steel beams and tall glass walls is a bold architectural statement yet blends seamlessly into its surroundings.
“Mashpi is one of a kind! A world class luxury experience in a private cloud forest reserve.”
Inside guests can enjoy the utmost luxury in the stylish rooms, award winning service and gourmet cuisine. Highlights include a 2km gondola ride across the forest canopy, an innovative sky bike, a high observation tower, gushing waterfalls, night walks, bird watching, nature trails and conservation lectures by the resident naturalist guides. Mashpi has bee proudly named one of National Geographic’s unique lodges of the world.

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