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Puerto Valle ● Ibera Wetlands ● Argentina

Originally built in 1868, Puerto Valle is an old traditional estancia that has been fully refurbished and re-born as a modern, luxury lodge. The hotel is located on the bank of the Paraná river in the northwestern corner of the Ibera Wetlands within its own beautifully landscaped 14 hectare private park. The well proportioned rooms are tastefully decorated in a classic estancia style with modern touches and added luxuries such as L’Occitane amenities and Egyptian cotton sheets.
“A wonderful property on the edge of the Ibera Wetlands, Puerto Valle is easily the top choice for luxury in this area.”
There are many included activities such as a boat trip to the Iberia Wetlands and exploring the grounds of the estancia. The maned wolf, yellow armadillo, collared anteater, capybara, neotropical otter and marsh deer are just a few of the exotic animals that can be spotted along with over 350 species of birds. The restaurant uses organic produce from its own vegetable garden and focusses on local ingredients such as river fish and tropical fruits. Other facilities include an attractive pool, a library with a roaring fire and an open air bar.

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