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Why Visit Antigua in Guatemala?

"Antigua is a picture postcard, Unesco-listed city with more to offer than just surface-level charm or photo opportunities."

Antigua is a firm favouite with our Guatemala private tours. With a mild climate all year, cobblestone streets lined by brightly coloured colonial buildings, a central plaza with jacaranda-wreathed buildings, and 16th-century ruins. It was founded in 1543 and served as the regional seat of Spanish power for over 200 years. Although the city was destroyed in large part by earthquakes in 17th century, many colonial buildings were rebuilt and have been restored more recently. Antigua's historic importance and importance for religious festivals such as Semana Santa is not lost in the present. It has a vibrant cultural scene. Its historical sites host free events such as the International Jazz Festival. The city's centre is home to many bars and restaurants, making it a great place for food and drinks.

Map of Antigua in Guatemala

When is the Best Time to Visit Antigua in Guatemala?

Tourists to Antigua are most likely to visit during the dry season, which is between November and April. Although temperatures aren't very different year round in this area, it is still the coolest and most popular season.
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What are the Highlights of Antigua in Guatemala?

Many wish they had budgeted more time in Antigua as there is not only a lot to do but the sheer pleasantness of the place makes one want to linger.
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Photo Moment!
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Local Colour
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Iglesia de la Merced
★ You can't beat a walking tour of the old city

★ Hike Acatenango Volcano that looms over the city

★ Visit the striking yellow Baroque church of Iglesia de la Merced

★ Spend time Central Park (Parque Central) people watching

★ Roast Marshmallows at the active Pacaya Volcano

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