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Why Visit Tikal in Guatemala?

"While there are many Mayan ruins you can visit, the ancient site of Tikal has to be the best. It not only has plenty of Mayan temples, but those temples are found inside an atmospheric jungle setting which feels incredibly remote."

Tikal's most distinctive feature is its tall, steep-sided temples that rise to more than 144 feet (44m) high. But its jungle setting is what makes it stand out. The many plazas have been cleared from vines and trees, and the temples partially restored. As you walk from one building into another, you are surrounded by dense rainforest and the rich, loamy smells of earth and vegetation. The main attraction of this site is the wide causeways that were originally constructed from packed limestone in order to allow traffic to pass between the temple complexes. You'll be more likely to spot monkeys and agoutis if you walk softly.

Map of Tikal in Guatemala

When is the Best Time to Visit Tikal in Guatemala?

In Guatemala, there are two seasons - wet and dry. The least best time to visit Tikal in Guatemala is during the rainy season, which lasts from May through October. The afternoon showers can be quite intense and can last for hours. Tikal can also get very humid during this time of the year, which makes it less pleasant to visit. Tikal's hottest months are April and May, when it is dry.

Another thing to consider when planning your Guatemala vacation tour is the high season crowds. The high season in Guatemala runs from December to March. However, it is at its peak during weeks around Christmas and Easter. overall, this means that Tikal is best visited in February and March when it is cooler and dryer and the prices are lower.
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What are the Highlights of Tikal in Guatemala?

Just being at Tikal is the real highlight as it has the most atmospheric setting. If you can visit when it is less busy all the better.
destination guatemala tikal views
Timeless Views
destination guatemala tikal ruins
Jungle Gateways
destination guatemala tikal jungle
Jungle Walks
destination guatemala tikal carvings
Mayan Stonework
★ Experience the jungle that surrounds the site.

★ The Great Jaguar Temple, also known as Templo I

★ Temple of the Masks also known as Templo II and is 38 metered high

★ Temple of the Jaguar Priest was the final of the great pyramids to be built in Tikal

★ Lost World Pyramid decorated with stucco masks of the sun goddess

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