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Why Visit Bolivia's Mational Park Madidi?

"Madidi National Park covers an area of more than 7,000 miles and is the largest protected area in Bolivia."

Madidi National Park can be found in northern Bolivia's upper Amazon River basin, near the border of Brazil and Peru. It covers an area of 18,958 kilometres and was established in 1995. Madidi is a protected conservation zone with unique topography. This means that it has a greater variety of animal and plant wildlife than other areas of the Amazon. There are 272 species, including 1,254 birds, 496 fish species, 496 species, 213 amphibians, 213 species, reptiles, 204 species, and 120,000 types of insects, which include over 1,000 species butterflies. Sixteen tribes of indigenous people have established six communities in the park, some of them still practicing ancient Amazonian traditions.

Map of Bolivia's Mational Park Madidi

When is the Best Time to Visit Bolivia's Mational Park Madidi?

Madidi National Park has a diverse topography that includes both hot lowlands and cold mountain areas. This makes it extremely dependent on the area you visit. Most people will spend their time in the tropical lowlands, where it is hot and humid all year.

Madidi has two seasons to consider before booking your Bolivia tour package. The rainy season runs from November to March and the dry season runs from April to October. Because wildlife is more attracted to the river during dry seasons, it is more likely that visitors will spot them. This time, mosquitoes are less common. It is important to note that Madidi lies in a tropical rainforest so rain can be expected even during "dry" seasons.
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What are the Highlights of Bolivia's Mational Park Madidi?

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★ The variety of wildlife that can be seen including Jaguars.

★ A perfect spot for bird watchers there are over 1,250 species here

★ Visiting some of the indigenous people here who are supporting eco-tourism

★ Experiencing the rainforest like it can be experienced in few places so easily

★ Exploring the rainforest on a night walk when it comes alive

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