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Why Visit Cancun in Mexico?

" Cancun is a story of two cities. Zona Hotelera offers stunning Caribbean beaches and Maya Culture, while Cancun Centro provides the local flavor."

Cancun is known as the heart of Mexico's Caribbean. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the Yucatan Peninsula. Many tourists love Cancun's beautiful beaches and clear, clean waters. But, Cancun offers much more than this. There are many reasons to visit Cancun as part of your
Mexico escorted tour, no matter how long or what you plan to stay.

Map of Cancun in Mexico

When is the Best Time to Visit Cancun in Mexico?

Although the weather in Cancun is almost perfect throughout the year is great for visiting Cancun between December and April. The weather is at its best, with a combination of sunshine and light rains.
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What are the Highlights of Cancun in Mexico?

Most come to Cancun for a few relaxing days on the beach at the end of a tour in Mexico. However, the resort offers plenty more to do for the active and adventurous.
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Resort Feel
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Tropical Beaches
★ Take a day trip to the ruins of Chichen Itza

★ Snorkel With Whale Sharks from June through September

★ Take a swim in the unique Cenotes

★ Visit a Lucha Libre show - the Mexican version of pro-wrestling

★ See sea turtles nestin From May through October

Explore These Awesome Places in Mexico

Mexico offers up a huge variety of travel experiences and below you will find the best of them that combined make a superb trip to Mexico.
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