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Why Visit Tulum in Mexico?

" Inhale slowly and take in the salty air, floral incense, tropical flora, fauna, and the sweet smells. You are now in Tulum."

For decades, the attraction of ancient Mayan energies in combination with the magic of historic sites and natural wonders has brought spiritually-centred tourism to the area. Tulum is now a bustling tourist destination. It was once a peaceful beach town, home to artists and yogis. Although modern amenities and luxury hotels are available, you still have the Mayan spirit to explore. Between the thirteenth century and the fifteenth century, Tulum was the last great Mayan city built and inhabited. It was a place of worship to the Great Descending God, whose image is displayed in the temples. The great wall that surrounds the city is believed to have been built to keep out pirates and envious traders who sought to seize the location.

Map of Tulum in Mexico

When is the Best Time to Visit Tulum in Mexico?

It is easy to plan around the tropical climate of Tulum. There is not much variation in the temperature throughout the year (the average temperature hovers around 83deg F), but it's the rainy seasons that most tourists pay attention to.

The best weather is from January to April, which also sees the greatest influx of tourists. Some people can feel a little cold in the ocean, cenotes, and swimming pools that haven't been heated.

The hottest and rainiest months of the year are May through October. However, there is still plenty of sun and warm water to go snorkelling and diving. Hurricane season peak in September and October, so make sure to keep an eye out for the weather forecasts and get travel insurance in case of an emergency.

Many consider November and December to be the best months to visit Tulum on one of our many Mexico tours. This is the end of hurricane season, so humidity is low. Evenings can get a bit cooler.
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What are the Highlights of Tulum in Mexico?

Tulum has so many activities available. You can do everything from beach lounging to biking to visiting Mayan ruins and much more.
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Explore Cenotes
destination mexico tulum relax
destination mexico tulum caves
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★ Visit the Adventure parks about 30-40 minutes north of Tulum

★ Explore a Cenote where you can swim, scuba dive, snorkel or just walk through one of these breathtaking and powerful forces of nature

★ Explore The Tulum Mayan Ruins

★ Go To The Beach! After all, it is likely the main reason you are coming here

★ The jungles around Tulum offer ATV rides, ziplining, cenote swimming, and more

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