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Why Visit Cape Horn?

"The last southern reaches of the Americas are a totally uninhabited wilderness. Intrepid travellers are rewarded with spectacular glaciers, icy fjords, and an unspoiled natural beauty."

Synonymous with old sailor’s tales of adventure, the small cluster of uninhabited islands that make up Cape Horn conjures up stories of epic voyages and tragic shipwrecks. With a famously inhospitable climate and dangerous waters visiting Latin America’s last outcrop of land is a true Chile tour adventure. Navarino Island, just north of Cape Horn, has the small town of Puerto Williams which faces onto the southern shore of the Beagle Channel. There is one remote lodge on Navarino island, otherwise the area is only reachable by expedition cruise.

Map of Cape Horn

When is the Best Time to Visit Cape Horn?

The weather in this wild part of the world is unpredictable at any time of year. Cruises only have departures from October until April which gives you the best chance of good weather and being able to land on Cape Horn. The success rate for disembarking at Cape Horn is about 70%.
chile cape horn climate chart

What are the Highlights of Cape Horn?

Isolated and remote, Cape Horn sits at the very southern tip of the Americas. Here are our top tips and best reasons to visit this rugged but beautiful area.
destination chile cape horn southern point
Southern Point
destination chile cape horn wildlife
destination chile cape horn glaciers
destination chile cape horn cruises
★ Take an Australis Expedition Cruise to see this remote area

★ Visit the Brookes and Pia Glaciers and by zodiac boat

★ Stay at the only lodge on Navarino island for exciting adventure activities

★ Admire the impressive Darwin mountain range

★ Step ashore to visit the Cape Horn Monument

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