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Why Visit The Elqui Valley?

"A little off the usual tourist trail, the Elqui Valley with it’s clear skies and little light pollution is a wonderful spot for stargazers."

With a dry desert-like climate and very little rainfall, the rocky terrain of the Elqui Valley is considered one of the best places in the world for star gazing. Located about 250 miles north of Santiago the region is home to many observatories which benefit from the clear air and very little light pollution. The Elqui Valley is also where the majority of Chile’s famous pisco (a form of alcohol made from grapes) is made. Production centres around the small village of Pisco Elqui where you can visit a distillery and try the ubiquitous pisco sour cocktail while on your escorted Chile tour!

Map of The Elqui Valley

When is the Best Time to Visit The Elqui Valley?

The small amount of rain that does fall in this region comes in the winter months of May until August. Most of the rest of the year is very dry which is what helps to make it one of the best places in the world for star gazing. The peak season runs from December until February, which is the height of summer.
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What are the Highlights of The Elqui Valley?

The clear night skies above the Elqui Valley make it a dream destination for stargazers. Here are our highlights and top experiences.
destination chile Elqui Valley scenery
Valley Views
destination chile Elqui Valley drinks
Local Drinks
★ Stay in the unique Elqui Domes stargazing lodge

★ Listen to the sound of silence in a truly remote location

★ Learn about the different constellations

★ Watch the stars from a specialist observatory

★ See the sunset in the valley

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