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Why Visit Easter Island?

"The legendary Moai statutes that are littered across the island are an imposing sight, but its their fascinating history that really captures the imagination."

Easter Island, known as Isla de Pascua in Spanish and Rapa Nui in the local indigenous language, is located 2300 miles off the coast of Chile in the South Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most isolated yet inhabited places on earth. Over 800 striking and mysterious moai statues punctuate the rough and rugged landscape and in 1995 UNESCO declared most of the 100 square mile island a world heritage site. The only town on the island is Hanga Roa in and around which all the hotels are located.

Map of Easter Island

When is the Best Time to Visit Easter Island?

Easter Island has a semi-tropical climate and can be visited most months of the year. However, we recommend booking your Chile holiday package between September and March because this is the drier and slightly warmer time of year.
chile easter island climate chart

What are the Highlights of Easter Island?

Easter Island is perhaps Chile’s most iconic destination. Below are our top highlights.
destination chile easter island traditions
destination chile easter island moai
destination chile easter island crater
destination chile easter island beaches
★ White sand Anakena beach

★ Go to Ahu te pito kura for the largest Moai on the island

★ Visit the volcanic crater of Rano Raraku and numerous surrounding moai

★ Get your camera out for Ahu Tongariki, 15 huge moai statues

★ Ana Kai Tangata cave and spectacular ceremonial village of Orongo

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