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Why Visit The Chilean Lake District?

"With snow capped volcanoes peering over icy blue lakes, the Lake District is home to some dramatic scenery, but also a scattering of interesting, historic towns."

The Lake District in Chile refers to a large area south of Santiago and the Central Valley which stretches over many different regions and comprises a rich variety of landscapes and terrains. Snow capped volcanos stand guard over deep blue lakes, hidden waterfalls and dense forests. It is an area of remarkable natural beauty that is perennially popular with outdoor enthusiasts and Chile guided tour itinieries. As well as the indigenous Mapuche people the area has a strong European influence after an influx of German settlers in the mid 19th century. This gives the region a distinctly alpine feel mixed in with local folklore and mythology. It is also a good region to explore by self-drive.

Map of The Chilean Lake District

When is the Best Time to Visit The Chilean Lake District?

The best time to visit the Lake District in Chile is between October and April. This region receives a lot of rain year round, but it is drier between October and April with the peak summer months of November to February the best for warm days and the least chance of rain.
chile lake district climate chart

What are the Highlights of The Chilean Lake District?

Covering a huge area, the Chilean Lake District is a beautiful region with lots of places to discover. Here are some the best bits we have picked out as our highlights.
destination chile Lake District volcanoes
Volcano Views
destination chile Lake District scenery
Wild Scenery
destination chile Lake District puerto varas
Puerto Varas
destination chile Lake District lakes
Lake Views
★ See the wooden colonial churches and colourful houses on Chiloé Island

★ Explore the pretty Germanic town of Puerto Varas

★ Visit the towering Osorno Volcano and Petrohué Falls

★ Go hiking, rafting, horse riding and more around Pucón

★ Venture further on excursions to Peulla and Frutilla

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