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Why Visit Baños in Ecuador?

"Baños is all about outdoor activities such as bathing in the natural hot springs, going hiking, rafting, cycling and more!"

The ramshackle town of Baños in Ecuador is not much to write home about, but the setting is spectacular and the surrounding area is beautiful. Situated in the central highlands, this is a mountainous region just east of Chimborazo and north of Riobamba. The town is famous for the much photographed ‘swing at the end of the world’ which is a rope swing up above the town with great views of the valley below. The road from Baños to Puyo is known as the Ruta de las Cascadas which translates as the waterfall route. This dramatic road goes past more than 12 waterfalls, the highlight being the spectacular El Pailón del Diablo (The Devil’s Cauldron). Baños is also often referred to as the ‘gateway to the Amazon’ as it sits on the edge of the Amazon basin. Most of our Ecuador private tour clients will stay near to Patate, a lush town on the banks of a river with views of the nearby Tungurahua volcano.

Map of Baños in Ecuador

When is the Best Time to Visit Baños in Ecuador?

Baños can be visited all year round, however, there is more rain from January until March. The driest months are June until August, which we would recommend as the best time to go.
ecuador banos climate chart

What are the Highlights of Baños in Ecuador?

This lush area of Ecuador is known for its wealth of outdoor activities. Below are some of the best things to do and natural highlights of the region.
destination ecuador banos zipline
destination ecuador banos swing
The Swing!
destination ecuador banos hanging bridge
destination ecuador banos cathedral
Main Square
★ Travel the Ruta de las Cascadas to the Devil’s Cauldron waterfall

★ Visit the iconic ‘swing at the end of the world’ in Baños

★ Discover Patate and the Tungurahua Volcano

★ Go rafting, rappelling, hiking, cycling or rafting

★ Relax in the natural hot springs in Baños

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