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Why Visit Riobamba & Chimborazo in Ecuador?

"The big attraction in this area is Chimborazo volcano which is Ecuador’s tallest. The summit reaches 6310 metres above sea level. The Carihuairazo volcano is also located within the same national park, which is a great place to watch llamas and Vicuñas grazing on the plains."

The city of Riobamba lies in the heart of the Avenue of Volcanoes and is an essential stop on the journey south towards Cuenca and Guayaquil. The city itself is famous for it’s market and has a couple of pretty, tree-filled colonial squares with interesting old buildings such as the cathedral and neoclassical basilica. You are unlikely, however, to be spending much time in the city itself as most accommodation is located just outside of the centre and on most itineraries you will arrive to Riobamba in the afternoon or evening. The nearby Chimborazo and Carihuairazo volcanoes sit within the Reserva de Producción Faunística Chimborazo. Here there is a healthy population of vicuñas (a relative of the llama). Hiking and climbing are the main activities in this area.

Map of Riobamba & Chimborazo in Ecuador

When is the Best Time to Visit Riobamba & Chimborazo in Ecuador?

Riobamba is located at a similar altitude to Quito, about 2700 metres above sea level. The surrounding area and Chimborazo, however, is a bit higher. In this region, known as the Avenue of the Volcanoes, you can expect mild day time temperatures and cold nights. June, July and August have the least amount of rain, so this would be the best time to visit.
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What are the Highlights of Riobamba & Chimborazo in Ecuador?

Riobamba itself is more of a working city with little to offer the tourist, but the wider area has legendary train rides and epic Andean scenery.
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Lush Views
destination ecuador riobamba train
Old Trains
destination ecuador riobamba scenery
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Local Crafts
★ Visit the majestic Chimborazo volcano and national park

★ Visit the llama museum in the community of Palacio Real

★ Hike in the national park and see the Carihuairazo volcano

★ Visit the oldest church in Ecuador in the village of Colta

★ Explore the streets and plazas of Riobamba

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