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Why Visit Cuenca in Ecuador?

"With winding rivers, quiet cobbled streets and tranquil plazas filled with daily flower markets, Cuenca is Ecuador’s most romantic city."

Charming and culturally rich Cuenca is a warren of cobblestone streets and grand colonial architecture. The famous skyline is studded with tall church steeples and the recognisable red tiled roofs. There are 52 historic churches in the city but the New Cathedral is perhaps the most impressive with its huge blue and white domes. As the birth place of the iconic Panama hat there is a strong tradition of craftsmanship in the city with many different markets selling authentic hand made goods. With its winding rivers, peaceful plazas, excellent museums and quality bars and restaurants, Cuenca is an essential stop on any Ecuador escorted tours itinerary.

Map of Cuenca in Ecuador

When is the Best Time to Visit Cuenca in Ecuador?

Cuenca can be visited at any time of year as the weather varies very little. Temperatures remain mostly the same year round and the city enjoys a spring like climate. June until September is the driest time of year with the least amount of rain falling over these months.
ecuador cuenca climate chart

What are the Highlights of Cuenca in Ecuador?

With its many art galleries, museums, markets and quiet streets, Cuenca is best explored on foot. Outside of the city there are also some excellent sites. Here are our highlights for Cuenca and the surrounding area.
destination ecuador cuenca streets
Colonial Streets
destination ecuador cuenca ruins
★ 52 historic churches and the impressive Old and New Cathedrals

★ Visit the Museum of Aboriginal Cultures and others

★ Panoramic views of the city from the Turi Mirador

★ Visit the villages of Gualaceo and Chordeleg for local culture & crafts

★ Stunning scenery at El Cajas National Park on the way to Guayaquil

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Browse the incredible destinations we cover in Ecuador from the Cloud Forest, a bird watcher’s haven, to the Amazon jungle and the quaint colonial cities of Cuenca and Quito. In between you will find the legendary Avenue of Volcanoes, the unexplored coast and the cacao plantations of the south. Get in touch to start planning your tailor made tours in Ecuador!
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