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Why Visit Quito, Capital of Ecuador?

"Quito’s UNESCO protected old town with it’s plazas, grand colonial architecture and beautiful churches is up there with the prettiest in all of Latin America!"

Surrounded by mountains and volcanoes Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, is located high in the Andes at 2850 metres and just 16 miles from the equator. A popular destination for holidays in Ecuador, the old town is one of the best preserved historic centres in the whole of Latin America and in 1978 it was recognised by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. The grand colonial monuments, cobblestone plazas, quaint churches and austere convents create a sense of timelessness as the colourful locals and honking traffic negotiate the narrow streets. Meet local artisans, hat makers and don’t miss a trip to the equator!

Map of Quito, Capital of Ecuador

When is the Best Time to Visit Quito, Capital of Ecuador?

Quito can be visited at any time of year. As it is so close to the equator there is only really a dry season and a slightly wetter season. June until September is the driest time of year with the rest of the year slightly rainier. Temperatures remain roughly the same all year round, but due to Quito’s altitude it can get chilly at night.
ecuador quito climate chart

What are the Highlights of Quito, Capital of Ecuador?

Quito’s old town is a great place to wander and there are many other interesting activities available too. Below are our top picks and best reasons to visit.
destination ecuador quito view
Cotopaxi Backdrop
destination ecuador quito plaza
destination ecuador quito cathedral
destination ecuador quito cathedral exterior
★ Stand on the equator at the middle of the world monument

★ Take in the impressive Plaza Grande

★ Explore the narrow streets of the old town

★ Visit a local artist’s workshop or a traditional boot makers

★ Colonial buildings and a mountain backdrop at Plaza San Francisco

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Browse the incredible destinations we cover in Ecuador from the Cloud Forest, a bird watcher’s haven, to the Amazon jungle and the quaint colonial cities of Cuenca and Quito. In between you will find the legendary Avenue of Volcanoes, the unexplored coast and the cacao plantations of the south. Get in touch to start planning your tailor made tours in Ecuador!
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