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Why Visit El Chalten in Argentina?

"This remote, frontier town is Argentina’s trekking capital and one of the best places to experience the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia."

Located near to Lake Viedma overlooking the northern part of Los Glaciares national park is El Chalten, a small village originally built in 1985 to help secure the disputed border with Chile. Today the sole purpose of the village is tourism. Not without charm, the towering peaks of Mount Fitzroy loom over the town and the awe inspiring surrounding landscapes are a trekkers paradise. Mount Fitzroy and Cerro Torre are popular day hikes which take in the imposing jagged mountain peaks and hidden lagoons. There is also the opportunity to visit glacier Viedma.

Map of El Chalten in Argentina

When is the Best Time to Visit El Chalten in Argentina?

The best time to visit El Chalten as part of your Argentina vacation is between September and April. The most popular time to go is between December and February which is summer and the high season. The weather is extremely unpredictable in Patagonia, no matter what season you travel in. You should expect to experience four seasons in a day! It gets a bit cooler in March and April but this can be a lovely time to visit to see the Autumn colours in the trees. Spring (September and October) are also nice months to visit for less crowds. Most hotels close between May and August for the winter.
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What are the Highlights of El Chalten, Argentina?

With impressive glaciers and some of the best hikes in Argentina, El Chalten is a fantastic destination for outdoor pursuits. Here are our top highlights in the area.
destinations Argentina El Chalten trekking
Stunning Scenery
destinations Argentina El Chalten glacier treks
Glacier Treks
★ Hike to the foot of the famous Mount Fitzroy

★ Take a leisurely hike to Laguna Capri for excellent views

★ Trek to Laguna Torre for views of the imposing Cerro Torre

★ Take a boat trip to see the Viedma Glacier, the largest in Argentina

★ Discover ice caves and overhangs on a Viedma Glacier ice trek

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