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Why Visit The Pampas in Argentina?

"The vast and fertile plains of the Pampas are Argentina’s heartland where Gauchos raise cattle on traditional estancias and guests are welcomed in with warm Argentine hospitality."

The Pampas is a general term that refers to the vast lowlands located west of Buenos Aires and covering several provinces. Rich in folklore, history and tradition the endlessly flat fertile plains are dotted with historic estancias where locals occupy themselves with age old pass times and life is lived in much the same way it has been for years. Prime cattle raising country, the Pampas played an important part in Argentina’s agricultural boom in the early part of the 20th century. Although beef production has since decreased in favour of other crops such as soy, the pampas still retain their importance in the Argentine identity.

Map of The Pampas in Argentina

When is the Best Time to Visit The Pampas in Argentina?

The Pampas can be visited in any season with the peak summer period from December until February. Spring (from September to November) is especially nice because it is not as hot and the blossoms are out. The Autumn, around March and April, is also a great time to think about an Argentina vacation tour. The winter months of June until August are much colder and the off season for the rest of Argentina.
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What are the Highlights of The Pampas, Argentina?

The Pampas offer up a superb rural and traditional Argentinian experience centred around ranching and great food and drink.
destinations Argentina Pampas Estancias
Estancia Experiences
destinations Argentina Pampas horses
Horse Culture
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destinations Argentina Pampas gaucho
★ Explore the picturesque country town of San Antonio de Areco

★ Taste a traditional asado lunch prepared over an open fire

★ Go horse riding with the gauchos

★ Take part in daily rural life whilst staying on an estancia

★ Get a taste of the Pampas on a day trip from Buenos Aires

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