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Why Visit Arequipa in Peru?

"Many itineraries overlook Arequipa, but Peru’s lovable second city has a unique character and makes a wonderful place to linger for a couple of days."

Arequipa is Peru’s second most populous city after Lima but it couldn’t be more different from its larger cousin. Three snow-capped volcanoes provide an impressive backdrop to the city’s unique baroque architecture carved out of the local white volcanic sillar rock. This is why Arequipa is known as the ‘white city’. In 2000 the old centre of the city was made a UNESCO world heritage site. The view of the imposing cathedral with the summit of the El Misti volcano rising to 5822 metres behind it is a breathtaking sight.

Map of Arequipa in Peru

When is the Best Time to Visit Arequipa in Peru?

Arequipa is another very dry area of the country, not much rain falls here. It can be visited year round, but we recommend going between April and October which overlaps with the best time to visit the rest of Peru.
peru arequipa climate chart

What are the Highlights of Arequipa in Peru?

A surprising highlight to any Peru trip, here are our best reasons to visit Arequipa.
destination peru arequipa plaza
Main Square
destination peru arequipa market
Vibrant Market
destination peru arequipa cityscape
City Vistas
destination peru arequipa cathedral
★ Explore the sprawling and labyrinthine Santa Catalina Monastery

★ Bustling Plaza de Armas the city’s central core

★ The unique cathedral, one of the biggest in Peru

★ The 500 year old Juanita Mummy, a preserved body of an Incan girl

★ Intricately carved Iglesia de la Compañía

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