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Why Visit Puerto Maldonado & Southern Amazon?

"The vast and impenetrable Amazon jungle is rich in mystery and folklore. Any journey to this wild area of the planet is a real adventure!"

Puerto Maldonado is the biggest city in the Southern Amazon and stopping off point on route to the jungle lodges located along the Madre de Dios river. The Amazon jungle is the final frontier and the only place on earth where there are still indigenous tribes living in total isolation from the outside world. The mythical wildlife includes giant river otters, capybara, peccaries, several types of monkey, macaws, anacondas and even Jaguars if you are lucky! Those looking for a more in depth jungle experience can travel to the remote Tambopata Research Centre or Manu.

Map of Puerto Maldonado & Southern Amazon

When is the Best Time to Visit Puerto Maldonado & Southern Amazon?

There is not really a bad time to visit Puerto Maldonado and the nearby Tambopata National Park. There is a distinct wet season from December through to March/April but this is the rainforest, so rain is part of the experience! The temperature remains hot and relatively unchanged year round. Although December and February are less popular months to travel, this is when the Macaws are the most active on the clay licks. Overall, however, we recommend going some time between April and October when you will have less rain and therefore you will be able to do all the activities on offer.
peru south amazon climate chart

What are the Highlights of Puerto Maldonado & Southern Amazon?

A trip to the Amazon is a must-do for wildlife enthusiasts and more intrepid travellers. Below are our top highlights for the region.
destination peru puerto maldonado amazon sunset
destination peru puerto maldonado amazon snake
destination peru puerto maldonado amazon monkey
destination peru puerto maldonado amazon macaws
destination peru puerto maldonado amazon jungle
Jungle Walks
destination peru puerto maldonado amazon boats
Boat Trips
★ Look for giant river otters on Lake Sandoval

★ Stay in a Jungle lodge

★ Spot wildlife from the forest canopy

★ Go on a jungle adventure into Manu National Park

★ Venture further to the Tambopata Research Centre deep in the jungle

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