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Why Visit Lima in Peru?

"Many of Latin America’s most revered restaurants are located in Lima, the city at the forefront of Peru’s modern, upmarket culinary scene."

Founded in 1535 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, Lima was originally named the City of Kings which is a moniker that still remains to this day. The modern day metropolis is the second driest world capital city after Cairo. Whilst at first glance you may only notice the high rise condominiums and noisy traffic, dig a little deeper and you will uncover Lima’s cultural side with stately museums, an established upmarket culinary scene and dignified colonial corners. All this along with a couple of new charming boutique hotels makes Lima is a flourishing capital city.

Map of Lima in Peru

When is the Best Time to Visit Lima in Peru?

As one of the driest capitals in the world, Lima receives very little rain and enjoys relatively temperate climate. As a result it could be visited year round, yet we recommend anytime between April and October which is also a good time to visit the rest of Peru.
peru lima climate chart

What are the Highlights of Lima in Peru?

Busy Lima is mostly a modern city, but with some interesting neighbourhoods, a historic centre and great restaurants, its well worth some of your time. Here are our highlights.
destination peru lima plaza
Main Plaza
destination peru lima food
Great Seafood
destination peru lima drink
Unusual Drinks!
destination peru lima architecture
★ Peruse the inspiring collection at the Larco Herrera Museum

★ Taste Peru’s gourmet delights at a top restaurant in Miraflores

★ Go on a guided walking tour to learn about Lima’s colonial history

★ Take a bike tour for a unique perspective of the city

★ Sip a potent Pisco Sour in the vintage bars of Barranco

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