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Why Visit Brazilian Amazon?

"The vast and legendary Amazon jungle is the last great wilderness on earth and a fascinating destination for intrepid travellers."

The sheer vastness of the Amazon basin which spans 9 countries and takes up 40% of the entire South American continent is staggering. The state of Amazonas in the Northwestern corner of Brazil is the country’s largest state and greater in size than France, Spain, Sweden and Greece combined! The isolated city of Manaus is the main starting point for our Brazil holiday packages to jungle lodges and cruises down the river but there are also some other lodges further south around Alta Floresta. With more species of plants and animals than anywhere on earth, the Amazon is an explorers dream!

Map of the Brazilian Amazon

When is the Best Time to Visit the Brazilian Amazon?

The Amazon can be visited all year round. Temperatures do not fluctuate much and it is always humid with a lot of rainfall. A good time to go, however, would be between June and November as this is the driest time of the year and humidity is at its lowest. You should, however, still expect daily rainfall. June is a particularly good month as the water level is at its highest but the rains have slowed.
brazil trancoso climate chart

What are the Highlights of the Brazilian Amazon?

Experience the epic Amazon on a river cruise or by visiting a jungle lodge. Below are our top Amazon highlights.
Destinations brazil amazon villages
Destinations brazil amazon rainforest
Destinations brazil amazon people
Destinations brazil amazon monkeys
★ Witness the surreal meeting of the waters

★ Swim alongside pink dolphins

★ Experience the myriad wildlife by staying in a jungle lodge

★ Go fishing for piranha

★ Take an amazon cruise down the legendary river

Explore These Destinations in Brazil

Discover these incredible destinations in Brazil from the incredible wildlife safari of the Pantanal to the remote northern beaches, the vast Amazon jungle and one of the world’s most vibrant and spectacular cities in Rio. Why not get in touch with one of our experts to start planning a
Brazil escorted tour with the The Latin America Travel Company and create a trip of a lifetime to Brazil!
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