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Why Visit Fernando De Noronha in Brazil?

"Visited by only very few people, the remote and exclusive island of Fernando de Noronha is an untouched paradise with crystal clear waters and rich marine life."

Fernando de Noronha is the name for a small archipelago of 21 islands located about 220 miles off Brazil’s northeastern coast. The main island is about 7 square miles and has several picture perfect deserted beaches. 70% of the area is protected as a national marine reserve and the islands are widely known as some of the most pristine marine environment in the world. Prices are at least double compared to the mainland and there is also the daily environmental preservation tax to pay, but the unparalleled natural beauty makes it well worth the expense to include this destination as part of your Brazil guided tour!

Map of Fernando De Noronha in Brazil

When is the Best Time to Visit Fernando De Noronha in Brazil?

Fernando De Noronha has a tropical climate and can be visited all year round. Temperatures do not really change and it remains hot and humid at any time of year. There are only really two seasons, a dry season and a wet season. The dry season runs from August until January and the wet season from February until July with the most rain falling in April and May.
brazil fernando de noronha climate chart

What are the Highlights of Fernando De Noronha, Brazil?

Fernando de Noronha, although not cheap to visit, is one of Brazil’s most beautiful destinations. Below are our top highlights and things to do.
Destinations Brazil Fernando De Noronha culture
Destinations Brazil Fernando De Noronha beaches
Destinations Brazil Fernando De Noronha sunsets
Destinations Brazil Fernando De Noronha snorkelling
★ Hike the Atalaia trail and learn about the formation of the islands

★ Watch the dolphins at Baía dos Golfinhos

★ Explore the village of Porto de Santo Antonio

★ Visit the deserted Praia do Sancho named the best beach in Brazil

★ Wander the cobbled streets of Vila los Remedios

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