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Why Visit Olinda in Brazil?

"The name Olinda comes from a Portuguese phrase meaning ‘Oh, beautiful’, and this small, artsy and endearing city certainly lives up to its name."

Declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1982, the small city of Olinda is located in Pernambuco state on Brazil’s Northeastern coast just under 4 miles north of the bigger city of Recife. Renown as one of the prettiest towns in Brazil, the old town has some of the best examples of colonial architecture in the country. It is a very tranquil town with palm trees lining the streets and beautiful views out to the ocean. Olinda has become a hub for artists and bohemian types and the twisting streets are full of galleries, museums, workshops and quaint churches. This is a city that is best explored on foot during your Brazil guided tour!

Map of Olinda in Brazil

When is the Best Time to Visit Olinda in Brazil?

The best time to visit Olinda is any time between September and March. December until February are the busiest times with Christmas and the carnival in February. Temperatures remain fairly constant throughout the year.
brazil olinda climate chart

What are the Highlights of Olinda, Brazil?

Olinda is a historic city and has perhaps Brazil’s prettiest colonial centre. Below are a few of our highlights and best reasons to visit this charming city.
Destinations Brazil Olinda old town
Historic Town
Destinations Brazil Olinda history
Colonial Streets
★ Take in the city with a private guide on a cultural tour

★ Wander the streets around the Praça do Carmo

★ Visit the Museu do Mamulengo, a museum of travelling puppet shows!

★ Marvel at the intricate wood carving in the Mosteiro de São Bento

★ Go further to explore the nearby city of Joao Pessoa

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