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Why Visit Salvador in Brazil?

"A colourful and vibrant city with a great energy, Salvador is the beating heart of Afro Brazilian culture."

Located on a triangular peninsular facing the bay of all saints on one side and the Atlantic on the other, Salvador is one of the oldest cities in Latin America originally founded by the Portuguese colonists in 1549. It is the capital of the state of Bahia and has a palpable African influence due to the slaves brought over to work on the sugar plantations. This influences all aspects of Bahian culture and it is where capoeira, the mix of dance and martial art, originated. The multi-coloured colonial buildings of the Pelourinho are amongst the most impressive on the continent and beyond the city there are miles of perfect beaches to explore.

Map of Salvador in Brazil

When is the Best Time to Visit Salvador in Brazil?

Salvador can be visited at any time of year. December until March is the high season when there are many festivals, events and the carnival. The wettest time of year is from April until June. July and August are drier and also busy with North American and European tourists. Temperatures fluctuate little throughout the year remaining hot.
brazil salvador climate chart

What are the Highlights of Salvador, Brazil?

With a unique culture and interesting history, Salvador is a fascinating city to explore. Here are our highlights and best reasons to visit.
Destinations Brazil Salvador people
Destinations Brazil Salvador roots
Destinations Brazil Salvador history
Destinations Brazil Salvador culture
★ Learn to do capoeira which originated in Bahia

★ Visit beautiful beaches and enjoy great city views on a Schooner cruise

★ Go to the Jorge Amado Museum which was his former house

★ Explore Salvador’s many markets on a food tour

★ Take a walking tour of the Pelourinho the colourful colonial centre

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