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Why Visit Chapada Diamantina in Brazil?

"Still relatively little visited, Chapada Diamantina rewards the intrepid traveler with spectacular flat top mountains, cascading waterfalls and coloured caves."

Chapada Diamantina is a protected national park comprising the flat topped Sincora mountains, grassy plains, hidden waterfalls and ethereal caves. Although fairly little known outside of Brazil, it is a paradise for the outdoor adventurer with some fantastic Brazil adventure tours including hiking, swimming holes, thousands of waterfalls, amazing views and streams so clean you can drink the water. There are a handful of small former mining villages in the area that have changed little since the end of the diamond mining boom. Charming Lençóis is one of these villages and the best place from which to access the park.

Map of Chapada Diamantina in Brazil

When is the Best Time to Visit Chapada Diamantina in Brazil?

Chapada Diamantina can be visited at any time of year. However, November until March is the wet season which usually means frequent showers but also some good weather. This is still a popular time to go because temperatures are high and the waterfalls and rivers are at their most impressive. The drier part of year is from April until October which make good months to visit, especially for hiking. You should expect some rain at any time of year, though.
brazil chapada diamantina climate chart

What are the Highlights of Chapada Diamantina, Brazil?

Chapada Diamantina is one of Brazil’s best kept secrets and a paradise for lovers of outdoor pursuits. Below are our top experiences and best reasons to visit.
destination Brazil Chapada Diamantina waterfalls
destination Brazil Chapada Diamantina views
destination Brazil Chapada Diamantina scenery
destination Brazil Chapada Diamantina pools
★ Try your hand at rappelling

★ Visit the Serrano Pools and Coloured Sand Caves

★ Marvel at the strange formations of the Lapa Doce Caves

★ Go mountain biking across the rugged terrain

★ Visit the Cachoeira da Fumaça, Brazil’s tallest waterfall

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