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Why Visit The Central Valley in Costa Rica?

"If you are a coffee connoisseur then a tour of a plantation is a must do whilst visiting the Central Valley. The pretty towns of Grecia and Sarchí also offer a glimpse into rural Costa Rican life."

The Central Valley is Costa Rica’s fertile heartland in the geographical centre of the country. This is where most of the coffee plantations are located as it provides the perfect climate. Strawberries and blackberries are sold by the side of the road and dairy farms making artisan cheese are spread out over the rolling green hills. Pretty agricultural villages host farmer’s markets and it is here visitors can acquaint themselves with Costa Rica’s hearty country cooking. Although it is most famous for it’s coffee plantations, the Central Valley also offers white water rafting, waterfalls, active volcanoes and some of the country’s most vibrant bird life.

Map of The Central Valley in Costa Rica

When is the Best Time to Visit The Central Valley in Costa Rica?

The first half of the year from December until April is the driest. May is also a good time to go as a transition month with less tourists and not too much rain.

The second half of the year is wetter and slightly hotter, although temperatures are fairly constant year round. The worst of the rains are in September and October.

Overall, the Central Valley is slightly cooler than the rest of the country, especially on the slopes of the volcanoes where there are cloud forests.
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What are the Highlights of The Central Valley, Costa Rica?

An extremely beautiful area, the Central Valley is where most of Costa Rica’s coffee plantations are located. The wider area also offers many other Costa Rica adventure tour activities such as visiting a volcano and bird watching.
destination costa rica central valley waterfalls
La Paz Waterfall
destination costa rica central valley villages
destination costa rica central valley poas volcano
Poas Volcano
destination costa rica central valley coffee
Coffee Tours
★ Learn about Costa Rica’s most famous export on a coffee tour

★ Peer into the turquoise blue crater of Poas Volcano

★ Enjoy the refreshing La Paz waterfall and adjoining gardens

★ Adrenaline fueled river rafting

★ The quaint agricultural towns of Sarchí and Grecia

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